Hyundai, The Open Innovation Center has Been Busy Helping

Hyundai announced the opening of a new Open Innovation Center in Israel to be the center for development and technology for the brand and this location has been busy working to create the innovations needed for the future.
As many other brands have begun as well, Hyundai is fully invested in mobility solutions to allow the growth and development of the technology that will be a huge part of what we enjoy as we work to move around in the future. The goal from Hyundai is to be a “market shaper” when it comes to the innovations we’ll enjoy in the future.

Why did Hyundai choose to put this new center in Israel? They are interested in the ecosystem of technology innovation that has been part of Israel for several years, especially in the world of transportation. No longer are automotive brands only interested in building cars, but they are looking at different ways to offer the technology desired for the future movements around the world. This new Open Innovation Center is making it possible for Hyundai to work closely with the most innovative new businesses to create the smart mobility of the future.

What is the Smart Mobility of the future for Hyundai?

The team at the Open Innovation Center has been working hard on Disruptive Innovation to accelerate the development of the next-generation of automotive technology for the drive we want to have on the road. While this team is in the process of defining what Disruptive Innovation will be along with other technologies that will include Artificial Intelligence, autonomous driving, and cyber security for the drive needed on the road and the basis of non-driving technology, which has the ability to affect a large segment of the world that need to get around as well.
We all know someone who is unable to get themselves from one place to another either due to a disability, age, or an inability to obtain a driver’s license. The mobility solutions that are being tested and developed by this Hyundai team will change this for a large number of people. We already have ride sharing and ride hailing services that can be the answer for many people to get home from a location with a small cost, but with a subscription service that may be part of the future from Hyundai, this could be a daily use service.
Once we see fully autonomous driving technology offered for the services that Hyundai is working on, we may see an affordable subscription service that an elderly or disabled person could make use of to have a ride to their friend’s home or to the store to be able to purchase the items needed. This could be a huge benefit in the freedom of movement for many people and while it may still be a few years from reality, it’s a bright spot in the future of driving and mobility that will make an enormous difference for those who have had to rely on family and friends for a ride over the past several years.

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