Growing the Luxury Brand of Genesis

The movement from a mainstream brand to create the luxury arm of Genesis was one that took place extremely quickly.

Because Hyundai already offered a strong network of dealerships it was easy to allow the locations that wanted to be able to sell the G80 and G90 luxury models to do so. With only two models this wasn’t a difficult move and it allowed the new brand to hit the ground running to offer us the amazing performance and qualities of the luxury models that have become what Genesis offers for our drive.

More Genesis Models Coming

Because the next step of the plan is to launch more models and continue to build this brand, the Genesis name needs to have its own network of dealerships. Originally, the plan was to have around 100 stores in the US and those were going to be new stores that offered stand-alone facilities that didn’t have to be tied to a Hyundai dealership.

It appears this plan has now changed and the Genesis-only network of stores may be even larger as every Hyundai dealer that wants to sell the Genesis models will be allowed to at stand-alone facilities, making it easy for dealerships to have both brands under their name.

How Will This Change the Genesis Network?

Until now, which has only been a couple of years, if you wanted to purchase a Genesis model car, you had to visit a Hyundai dealership and choose the one you want. Because this brand is a luxury brand and the Genesis team wants to build the experience and the environment you expect at luxury locations, they are moving toward the stand-alone locations which can be built with the right equipment and the atmosphere desired that will bring in the luxury shopper.

Expanding the Lineup

In addition to the need for the atmosphere at these new locations, the Genesis brand is gearing up to launch the G70 sedan which will be followed by the GV80 and GV70 crossover SUVs and then eventually offer a sporty coupe and an EV model.

These additional models will need a place to be showcased on the lot and by staying in a location with Hyundai, the lot and the showroom will get crowded quickly. The need for more space to have the right inventory in place means Genesis needs to be sold at locations that are made for this brand.

Get Ready to See Genesis Everywhere

There are new franchise agreements that are being sent to all Hyundai dealers that want to continue or begin to sell Genesis vehicles. This means there could be more than the original planned 100 dealership locations around the country.

This new agreement is likely to benefit owners that have the ability to service the vehicles properly and offer the stand-alone locations with the lot space to fit the expanding lineup of Genesis. This growth is certainly exciting for the brand and shows that Genesis is a brand we can look to for the vehicles we want to drive with our family or on our own as we move toward the future.

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