Taking the Chevrolet Colorado Off-Road Performance to a New Level

If you thought the Chevrolet Colorado was already an impressive and amazing off-road truck when they brought out the ZR2 trim, you’d be correct.
This truck certainly offers us the power, toughness, performance items, and ride that we expect and need when we want an off-road machine that will easily make it on the trails and let you explore the wilderness the way you want. This midsize truck certainly stands above the rest of the market and has made it possible for Chevrolet to have the best lineup of midsize trucks for the drive you want to enjoy.

Even though the Chevrolet team already offers you an excellent midsize off-road truck, they aren’t satisfied to stick with just the ZR2. We’ve seen a next level model testing out on the roads while wearing a ton of camouflage so that we aren’t able to identify exactly what the truck looks like, but this new ZR2 model of the Colorado will be the ZR2 Bison. This model is expected to crank the off-road capabilities to an even greater level to make sure we can have the fun and experience of heading out on the trails for some fun.

The Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 Bison is On its Way

The trademark filing for the ZR2 Bison has been discovered and this truck is out testing, which makes us want to know when this truck will arrive. Right now, we don’t know what model year will be the one that will give us the Bison yet, but we can expect it to be ready to take the market very soon. Whether this is an answer to the upcoming Ranger models from Ford or just the next move in the right direction for the Chevrolet Colorado that you want to enjoy.
What we did see in the ZR2 Bison that was out on the test run is the fact there is a snorkel intake system mounted to the A-pillar which allows the truck to be ready to handle deeper water. The front has been redesigned and has a new bumper that may house an integrated winch. This bumper location also allows for a better approach angle to make this truck one that can ride wherever it needs to when you take it out into the wilderness. There’s also full underbody protection expected for this truck to make sure the Bison can make it home without damage to the underside.
The wheel arches are large and there should be a new long-travel suspension that will make it easy for this truck to offer better articulation and greater durability on the trails. The new Colorado ZR2 Bison is a truck that’s going to take the world by storm; we just want to know when it will arrive. I guess we’ll have to wait for Chevrolet to unveil this information before we can learn more about what the ZR2 Bison will be when it becomes part of the Colorado lineup, but you can bet this will be a truck built for the fun you want to enjoy on the trails.

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