Learning More About the New Silverado

We’ve gotten a good look at what the 2019 version of the Chevrolet Silverado will be because it made its way to the show in Detroit at the beginning of the year, but now we seem to have more of the information we’re going to want to know when this truck arrives later in the year.

We’ve loved the Silverado for many years and want to have this as the truck we can drive on a daily basis, but for those who might be on the fence, you need to know what will make this truck better than before.

New Build and More Stuff

Even though the current version of the Silverado has only been on the market since 2014, it’s time for an upgrade. Since this model arrived, the main competitor has become on that’s lighter and built with aluminum body panels. The Chevrolet Silverado is one of the only trucks offered on the market right now that doesn’t have push-button start, which you can expect to see as this vehicle arrives for the next model year. You’ll see several changes added to go along with the new technology that will be included in the Silverado.
You’re going to have a brand new platform for the Silverado and the same basic setup we’ve had for many years. The bod and frame will make use of the live rear axle that’s been part of the excellent we’ve loved for the drive. What will change is the fact that you will have a truck that feels lighter when you choose the new Silverado in the upcoming months. This will be the result of aluminum being used for some of the body panels and possibly the hood, but you can certainly expect the bed to continue to be built out of steel to allow the Silverado to be as tough as possible.
With the lighter weight that will be offered for this truck, you can expect to see a variety of powertrains to make the drive. the V6 and V8 engines we’ve come to know will continue to march on and provide the power desired, but a new four-cylinder engine that benefits from turbocharging may show up to be a great way to have the efficiency you’ve been looking for. The transmissions that will be used are expected to be the eight or ten-speed automatic versions to ensure you have the shifting you want.

Improved and Ready to Drive

As the new Chevy Silverado makes its way to the market, you can expect it to be a truck that will offer you more of what you want on the roads and at the job site. If you’re not sure which truck you want, but you know you need a truck to get things done, the Silverado is the right choice for you. Let this new model become the truck you take with you wherever you need to go so that you can get the job done or have more fun than you’ve had without this truck.

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