The Chevrolet Equinox: A Popular Change

When a vehicle that’s one of the leaders in a brand lineup is ready for a change to a new generation, it makes many of us take pause and think about how the automaker can find a way to make the vehicle better than before.

Vehicles aren’t sales leaders in the market for no reason, they are so because of the way they check off several boxes and make it easier for us to have the drive we want to enjoy. As we move into the new 2018 model year, one of the most popular compact SUV models on the market is being upgraded.

The model that is being upgraded for the ride is the Chevrolet Equinox. This new model of the compact SUV that we want to drive has lost some weight, is smaller in size, is more efficient than before, and it has an interior cabin that is the same size as the previous model. That sounds like it’s too good to be true, but Chevrolet found a way to make it happen and they give it to you in the Equinox that will be the model you’ll be ready to drive when you head out on the roads in your area.
As this SUV is unveiled and brought to the market, it starts out with only one powertrain, but there will be more added as the model year continues. This initial offering is a 1.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that provides you with 170 horsepower and 203 lb.-ft. of torque for the drive. This engine is attached to a six-speed automatic transmission to gives you 26 city/32mpg-hwy for the drive you’ll have when it’s time to head out on the road. At the base level, the Equinox is certainly one of the most affordable compact SUVs on the market.

Looking Deeper Inside the Equinox

One of the most impressive ways that Chevrolet has improved the Equinox is by shedding 400 pounds from the total weight. That’s nearly ten percent of the overall weight of the vehicle that we see on the road. This weight loss allows the Equinox to be more agile and active on the road while being more efficient as well. The body is nearly five inches shorter than the older model, but somehow the interior space hasn’t been affected in any negative way at all to give you the same amount of room offered for the ride you want.
Looking inside the interior of this SUV, you’ll see a ton of materials and features that make it easy for you to have the look and the fun you want for the ride. The steering wheel is supple and substantial to make sure you can have a comfortable place to have the feel you want. There is a strong resemblance to what you see in the other Chevrolet models that are offered on the market to make this a familiar model that can be perfect for the drive you want to make when you’re looking for the comfort you need.
The smaller size and energetic powertrain don’t mean anything in this category if the vehicle doesn’t have the necessary safety items. The Chevrolet Equinox comes in with the advanced items desired included low speed forward automatic braking, blind spot monitoring, rear cross traffic alerts, surround vision, and a vibrating safety alert seat. These items along with the connectivity items you’ll find in this vehicle make this an amazing vehicle to drive when it’s time to head out on the road to make this vehicle show off with the qualities that make sense when you get behind the wheel.

The Right Choice

If you liked the old Chevrolet Equinox, you’re sure to love this one and want to take it home with you when you see it at the Chevrolet dealer near you. Make this the right choice for you when it’s time for the ride. This vehicle has a refined drivetrain, a spacious interior, the fuel mileage you want, and the pricing that makes sense for you to have what you’re looking for. Make the right choice and let the new Equinox show you the magic of the drive you want on the road in this amazing second-generation model.

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