GMC Building Upon Chevy

When you think of what Chevrolet has to offer us when it comes to the drive desired in the truck market you typically expect to see a GMC model that’s built the same way with a few improvements over what the Chevrolet has to offer. This has felt like the peanut butter and jelly combination in the truck world that makes it possible for us to have the drive desired and the power needed to get things done. If you wanted a step up from the Chevrolet, you chose a GMC model, but that might not be the case for at least one model.

Over the past several months, GM has been showing us details of the new Class 4 and 5 medium-duty conventional trucks that will be offered. These trucks are being developed in conjunction with Navistar and they are expected to be branded as Silverado and Silverado 55000 models to start with as seen in the video below. These exciting new offerings make us wonder if these new trucks will be also offered under the GMC name as the brand has done at other times in the history of the brand. We haven’t seen a successor to the TopKick that was discontinued in 2009.

It’s Early, but We Can Speculate

While the GM team currently has nothing to report regarding the new medium-duty trucks that are being developed and the team has towed the line that they have no news to share, we can expect this truck will eventually make its way to the GMC line. Even though we have no proof of this to show the development will be brought to GMC, as an automaker that has consistently offered models of the truck under both brands over the years, the expectation is certainly in place.
Of course, if you want to look at some history and see the lineup of GM when it comes to the commercial vehicles, you’ll see a few models that have not had GMC variants that are offered under the Chevrolet brand. The City Express is one that hasn’t been offered by GMC and the Chevy Low Cab Forward trucks as GMC models as well. Because these two haven’t made their way to expanding the GMC brand at all, it seems that a precedent has been set that may allow GM to avoid offering this new medium-duty pair as part of the models we see from GMC like Canyon and Sierra.
The question isn’t as much of whether or not GM wants to offer this new medium-duty truck pair will be needed as part of the GMC lineup, but whether or not it will add value to the market that GMC participates in. This brand is one that offers models that are higher in price while giving you more for the drive like the GMC Yukon SUV, and when it comes to commercial vehicles, including trucks, that might not be the best option for the GM team to pursue these medium-duty trucks. Only time will tell us what GM plans to do, but hopefully, we will get both the peanut butter and the jelly with these trucks.

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