The Speculation Continues for the New Corvette Engine

It seems that GM is purposely teasing the heck out of all of us who love to talk about cars. With the new Corvette on the docket as a car that will eventually make its way to the market, the questions regarding power, regarding performance, and the way the car will be built have become numerous. Every time we see a new detail about this car show up online, we jump all over it like rabid dogs and figure out what this particular car will bring to the market to compete with the other supercars that have the engines behind the seats.

The most recent information regarding the engine of the new Corvette was revealed on Christmas Day. This new diagram shows us a new layout that shows this car being the beneficiary of a new DOHC twin-turbocharged V8 that looks similar to some of the other engines we’ve seen in the past. The look of this new engine shows up to appear smaller than the current 6.2-liter small block that we engine in the Corvette, which allows us to think the displacement may be closer to 4.2 or 5.5-liters when this car does make its way to the market.

Using a Classic Build

The new engine that will make its way behind the seats of the Corvette is called the LT7 and it will be the one we talk about more than any other until this new Corvette finally arrives at one of the shows in the future. With the number if engine developments that we’ve seen from other brands, the thought was this car would be the beneficiary of some of that new technology, specifically the hot vee setup that’s been developed and pushed by Mercedes and Porsche, but this new design that leaked doesn’t appear to show us this new layout at all.
In fact, the two turbochargers that will be used for this new engine appear to be mounted near the middle of the engine, instead of inside the vee area and certainly not in the extreme rear as we originally thought. In fact, this newly leaked image of what the Corvette engine will be, makes it appear to be much closer to the 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged V6 LGW engine that’s been used in the Cadillac CT6. The turbos in the engine we see in this new design are closely coupled and include the water to air intercoolers that are expected and make it appear to be similar to what Ford has done as well.

What to Expect in the New Corvette

Will this actually be the engine that we see when the new Corvette arrives? Considering the number of times this new engine has been leaked already, I would expect this car to be powered by an engine that looks much different from what this current rendering gives us. There’s a lot left to learn and many questions to be answered, which you can certainly expect will be discussed as rumors until we finally see the concept model or the production model of the mid-engine Corvette make its way to the road and the track. This car has become a lot of fun to talk about, even when we’re only discussing what the engine could look like.

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