Everything We’ll See at Frankfurt

With the Frankfurt Motor Show on the horizon of this upcoming weekend, we’ll see a large number of impressive models that will make their debut at this show. Nearly every brand will be in attendance in one form or another with several excellent new choices that will give us an idea of what the future holds from some of the brands we love and admire. Whether you’re looking forward to an excellent new high-performance car or one that’s made to be a ridesharing car you’re sure to be able to see what you’ve been looking forward to in Frankfurt over the next several days.

Audi – Audi is bringing out the new A7 at this show to make sure we can have a look at what will sit just below the A8 that was revealed earlier this year. There may also be a new RWD R8GT and RS4 Avant that will make their way to the show to give us a look at a trio of new luxury models that have the engineering and quality you want to think about as your next ride.

Bentley – As the sleek and stylish coupe that is long, low to the ground and ready to ride the new Continental GT will be on display for us to review in person for the first time. This car can easily be the newest darling of the show and the one that we want to drive when we’re looking for Bentley quality and excitement.

BMW – The newest addition to what BMW offers, the 6 Series Gran Turismo will make its way to the show floor alongside the new M5, i3 and i3s models that give us an excellent look and feel for what this brand will continue to offer us. We also expect to see the new X7 SUV concept that will sit at the top of the SUV lineup when it’s put into production.

Ferrari – The new Portofino will be at the show and maybe the only offering from this lauded racing brand. As the replacement for the California this new car is stylish and sleek to give you the car you want to drive when it’s time for some excitement on the track.

Honda – We should see the new Honda Urban EV Concept with is a step forward that will eventually bring us an electric SUV. The new CR-V Hybrid Prototype should also cross the stage in Frankfurt along with a new diesel-powered Civic hatchback that will only be offered in Europe.

Hyundai – The i30N has been talked about for months and will finally make its debut at this impressive show. While this new model won’t head to North America, it will give us an idea of what the Veloster N will be when it does finally head to our shores. There should also be a new crossover SUV from this brand to give us a look at how Hyundai plans to improve its lineup.

Jaguar – While the E-Pace has been shown already, we’ll get another look at it during this show. The hope is that we might see a new I-Pace model that will be the EV model in this crossover lineup. The E-Pace is the smaller version of the F-Pace that we’ve already enjoyed on the market for the past couple of years.

Kia – Finally, we’ll get to see the new Stonic subcompact crossover SUV in person at this show along with a wagon that won’t make its way to the US. The Stonic will be the next model added to the Kia lineup in order to make sure we can have what we’re ready to enjoy on the road. If wagons catch on once again, Kia may bring one to the US.

Mercedes-Benz/Mercedes-AMG – The new Formula One based model called Project One will make its way to this show. This will be the 1,000 horsepower model that will challenge the new Aston Martin Valkyrie. We expect to see a few more models from this brand, but the Project One is the most anticipated model from this team.

Mini – We’ve already seen the new Electric Concept model that will be offered during the debut in Frankfurt but now we will have an up-close look at this new model. As a dynamic and futuristic model, we can only hope the production model will resemble the concept.

Porsche – The Cayenne has already had its debut and we know what it offers, but now we’re going to have a much closer look and understand the performance offered for this new SUV. As this beauty enters its second generation we’re going to love this SUV even more.

Smart – This brand is ready to be the one that carries Daimler into the ride-sharing space and the new Vision EQ concept is the one that will be the first to do just that. This is expected to be an autonomous vehicle which means we might not see it for a while, but it could be fun to think about.

Toyota – After many years the new Land Cruiser will finally arrive and be offered, which is good since this model hasn’t been updated in a long time. The new Toyota C-HR Hy-Power Concept will also be on display during this show.


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