Fantastic new Car from Tata Motors

In order to have a great place to work on the development of the vehicles that will be offered for the future Tata Motors has created a new sub-brand called Tamo. This sub-brand is perfect for the development of new vehicles for this company from India and their first offering is one that gives us a look at a car that can be exciting to drive and one that will be connected in more ways than has ever happened in the past. This is the first car that gives us what is now being called a “phygital” car.

What is a “phygital” car? This is a car that combines the benefits of the physical and digital worlds together to give us a car that uses Microsoft and the car itself, which is called the Racemo, to be completely connected as India’s first connected car. This car will give us the convenience of cloud computing, analytics, geo-spatial, and mapping along with an increased human-machine interface. This is a car that will be built, making it a car that isn’t a concept, but unfortunately, we won’t see this car make its way to the US at all.

As far as the power for the Racemo, the engine is actually a basic model that sounds like it could be extremely efficient on the road. This car will benefit from a center-mounted 1.2-liter three-cylinder engine that offers 187 horsepower and 155 lb.-ft. of torque. This power is attached to a six-speed automated manual transmission that has paddle shifters. Tata has said this car can actually make it to sixty mph in only six seconds which isn’t bad at all considering the small powertrain included in the car.

Because this is a car that won’t be offered everywhere in the world, Tata chose to make another version of the Racemo called the Racemo + which will be the first Indian car to be made into the Forza Horizon 3 game which is being played on PC and Xbox One consoles. This digital version of the car will offer an adjustable front splitter, more vents, and a larger spoiler in the back of the car. On the inside of the digital model, you’ll see an interior with racing seats, harnesses, and a steering wheel that doesn’t have an airbag in it. This digital car is what you can enjoy when you want to drive in the game.

For those who will be able to enjoy the Racemo car this one will be built in 250 units in order to give a great ride and a great sporty look and feel on the road. As the first connected car from Tamo, the Racemo will give those who buy it a great car to drive and a way to enjoy the road and the ride with the digital system that’s offered. Check out this video and be amazed by what this car is that showed up in Geneva at the Motor show for all to enjoy.

04.03.17 - Tamo Racemo

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