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The Geneva Motor Show is a showcase of exotic and luxury cars each year. We see more of the names that we lust after at this show than any other all year long and this particular year was no different. With many different brands bringing out their very best new vehicles to present to us, this show was one that gave us a ton of excellent vehicles to discuss. Let’s take a look at some of the headliners and see what they have to offer us as they were presented at this glorious parade that has become one of the best places to show off a new model.

Audi RS5 – This new version of the RS5 has been completely redesigned and looks sleeker and more menacing than it did in the past. The V8 is gone in favor of a 2.9-liter twin turbocharged six-cylinder engine that gives you 450 horsepower. You won’t miss the old engine much when you feel the shifting of the eight-speed automatic and reach sixty mph in 3.9 seconds.

Ford Fiesta ST – Although Ford isn’t an exotic or luxury name, the Fiesta ST is an exciting car. This car is a new hot hatch that makes it easy for you to love the 1.5-liter three-cylinder engine because it pushes out 200 horsepower and 214 lb.-ft. of torque to make this little car dance all over the road and show off some impressive speed.

Volkswagen Arteon – The Arteon is the successor to the CC which should give you an idea of how classy and elegant this car is. This car is a four-door coupe that brings in some impressive styling and the look that you can love on the road. You’ll love the power you can find for this car with the top engine offering you 276 horsepower for your driving pleasure.

Range Rover Velar – The Velar is a gorgeous Range Rover SUV that will fit perfectly in the lineup. Built tough but sleek this is a fantastic vehicle for you to drive and enjoy on the road. There’s a ton of technology upgrades included in the Velar to make it one that’s more impressive to drive and even more entertaining for your passengers.

Honda Civic Type R – Another car that’s been long awaited but isn’t a luxury model is the Civic Type R which brings you the performance and power you want while packing in the great looks as well. This is a car that can bring you the imaginative Civic feeling of old with its 306 horsepower and manual transmission.

Lamborghini Huracan Performante – As the new production car to be the fastest around the Nurburgring track this car has the looks, the power, the speed and everything else you want for the drive. You’ll blast to sixty mph in less than three seconds in this beauty and have one of the most impressive naturally aspirated engines on the market today.

Mercedes-AMG GT Concept – While only a concept car this is one that we certainly hope will make it to production very soon. This car uses a hybrid powertrain and a massive V8 engine to produces as much as a full 805 horsepower. Add that to the sleek good looks and the perfectly crafted build of this car and you have a model that we want right now.

Ferrari 812 Superfast – While the name might be a little “in your face” this is a car that offers you a strong V12 engine and is being offered as the most powerful and fastest Ferrari ever built. The stylish good looks give you a feel of the Ferrari models of old and the name alone invokes interest and desire to drive this beauty.

Pagani Huayra Roadster – This is a new car that was built to be a new car. While Pagani gave us some of the details before the show, this is still one of the most stunningly beautiful cars to ever make its way to a show or to the market at all. This is car we’ve waited for and its finally here and is certainly more than what anyone could have hoped for.

McLaren 720 S – This is the car that took the title of being the best car to be revealed at the show. This is the one the most impressive supercars on the platform and it brings in a look that’s more mature than McLaren models in the past with every type of electronic feature you could want to have on a car that can pump out 720 horsepower from its impressive V8 engine.

03.29.17 - Pagani Huayra Roadster

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