What are the Best Cars this Year?

When it comes to items we can buy and receive a great value from we trust Consumer Reports to tell us what we want to know. Every year they give us a list of vehicles that will be right for us and separate them into a variety of categories based upon the type of vehicle it is. This gives us a list of the top ten best cars each year and for the 2017 model year we have some impressive vehicles that just might surprise you. Let’s take a look at what’s considered the ten best for this year:

Subcompact Car : Toyota Yaris iA – As one of the Scion models that made its way to the parent company this is a small car that’s been developed by Mazda to be a car that will give you what you want on the road. You’ll love the efficiency and even more love the new look of this little sedan that’s easy and fun to drive.

Compact Car: Chevrolet Cruze – With a new look for 2017 this is a car that beat out some of the normal headliners in this category. The Cruze offers you a quiet ride with a roomy interior and plenty of power under the hood. You can even achieve as much as 47 mpg on the highway; giving you a great looking car with the efficiency you want.

Compact Hybrid: Toyota Prius – This one is certainly not a surprise as the Prius has led the way for many years in this category. You’ll enjoy the drive and the efficiency in this polarizing Toyota. The reliability score for the Prius was one of the best overall and it gives you a dynamic ride that’s certainly one of the easiest to enjoy on any road.

Sports Car: Mazda MX-5 Miata – The Miata looks modern and gives you the ride the spells out fun everywhere you go. This car has grown from a cartoon-like car to one that’s a bit more refined, especially with the addition of the RF model that has the retractable hardtop that gives you the fastback look when it’s up.

Midsize Sedan: Kia Optima – The looks have taken our breath away and the performance gives us a ride that’s both energetic and smooth. The Optima boasts a large backseat for the comfort of adults and offers you the easy to understand controls you want. This is a pleasure cruise on any road and certainly a car that you should check out this year.

Large Sedan: Chevrolet Impala – This is a car that offers you the comfortable ride with the cabin space you want. You’ll swear this car should be badged as something more in the luxury range but Chevrolet keeps the Impala as its crown jewel in the lineup. This is a car you need to drive and experience to truly understand how amazing it is.

Small SUV: Subaru Forester – This is one of our favorites and it seems Consumer Reports agrees. With the benefit of full time AWD and the right shape this is a small SUV that feels more substantial than you’d expect while also giving you the benefit of a great way to enjoy the ride that you want in an SUV that can handle it all.

Midsize SUV: Toyota HighlanderWe’ve loved this vehicle for many years and this one continues to grade out as one of the best SUVs to ever hit the road. With the long term reliability you want and the three rows of seats you need the Highlander has what you’re looking for in an SUV that will give you an excellent ride for years to come.

Luxury SUV: Audi Q7 – With the look and feel that you’ll enjoy this is a luxury ride that’s perfect for you on the road. The cabin is quiet and the ride is smooth in this loaded up cabin. Admire the virtual cockpit feeling and let this SUV be the right one to give you the ride you’ve wanted.

Compact Pickup: Honda Ridgeline – Using a unibody build while ditching the polarizing look the new Ridgeline comes in with the look and feel you want. This is a pickup that drives like a sedan and brings you some interesting features in the back to enjoy when you’re not behind the wheel. This is certainly the right way for Honda to make this truck and give us a great ride.

03.21.17 - Audi Q7

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