EV Models, Why Did this Take so Long?

When you buy a hybrid or EV model what do you expect to receive? You expect to not only have a great vehicle that you can drive wherever you need to and that doesn’t need as much gas or none at all as other vehicles on the road, but you expect to have the benefit of a tax credit. These cars are typically more expensive than others of a similar make and require you to spend more to have the same capabilities you’d have with a gasoline-only vehicle which means you should have the benefit of some form of a break.

The fact that EV models are directly better for the environment makes a huge difference in the driving you can do with these cars. You can enjoy the fact that you’re not polluting the environment with the fumes that come out of the tailpipe, but this is a tradeoff. Whether you’re trading off the fact that you don’t have as many places to fill up/ recharge the vehicle as you do with a typical gasoline engine, or you are trading off the fact you need to plug it in at home overnight, or your trading of the fact that you can charge it on the road, but that charging takes longer than gasoline fill up, you certainly deserve some form of compensation for your troubles.

For the past few years, most states have offered an additional tax credit when you buy an EV model, but one state hasn’t offered that at all until now. New York has finally approved a tax credit for you when you buy an EV model making it easier to own one in this state and know you’re going to reap the rewards. In the past, this state required you to be satisfied with the federal credit and that was it.

This new program begins on April 1st and gives residents of New York a $2,000 rebate when they purchase an EV or a Plug-In Hybrid mode. This means you’ll have as much as $9,500 in credits to enjoy when you buy a vehicle that qualifies as one of the models approved by the state of New York. With the population density of this state in some areas, this credit makes sense to allow us to feel more like we should purchase a vehicle that will qualify for the credit and give us the largest benefit.

Outside of California, New York represents one of the largest EV markets if the credits are right. This program was certainly met with some hesitation as the deadline for making this a reality is the same day the program will launch. The exact details of the rebates and which vehicles will receive the most credit is still being discussed, but the maximum credit will be $2,000 for an EV or a Plug-In Hybrid model. As the Chevy Bolt makes its way to the East and the Tesla Model 3 becomes a reality later this year, this credit could be a huge factor in which car potential customers may buy.

Finally, New York has gotten on board and created a program that will give us a credit toward an EV model when we buy one. This certainly can make a huge difference for those who want to have a great EV model or plug-in hybrid to drive on the roads in this state. Surprisingly, New York isn’t the last state to enact this credit as some are still not on board. New York does represent a huge population of the country and can have a serious positive impact on the environment with this program.

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