Wrangler, The Return Begins

The world has been without a direct competitor to the Jeep Wrangler for far too long. In previous years, the Ford Bronco was the perfect competition for the Wrangler, giving us another highly capable off road vehicle, but Ford cancelled production after a long run, leaving us with only the one choice. News from the Detroit Auto Show has revealed that Ford is prepared to bring the Bronco back to the world and begin building this SUV for the 2020 model year when it will become one of the newest midsized off road SUVs for us to enjoy once again.

The news of the return of the Ford Bronco was certainly met with great applause and anticipation. The first official hint that it would happen was given to use earlier in 2016 when the UAW contract revealed that Ford had agreed to bring back the Bronco an make it part of the next wave of new vehicles to come from the Blue Oval brand. In fact, the announcement in Detroit informed us there would be more than just the Bronco coming back, but that it would be one of five new utility style vehicles that would make their way to the market over the next few years.

The new Bronco was described at the Detroit Auto Show as a “no-compromise midsize 4×4 utility vehicle.” This vehicle will be built to give us a highly capable model that can be comfortable not only on the trails of the world, but also on the road where you may need it to be the right vehicle for your daily commute as well. As in the past, the Bronco will be capable and easily one of the most adaptable vehicles to the situation you have for it to perform for you.

Unfortunately, no specific details were revealed regarding the Bronco, meaning we’ll have to wait until the first concept model of the Bronco hits the show floor for us to know what it will be. As it’s only the beginning of the 2017 calendar year, the new Bronco could be on the show floor as early as the end of this year for us to have a great look at what it will be and how we’ll get to enjoy this new version of an old and familiar name. You can be certain this is a model that will be followed closely from now until when the Bronco comes to the market.

While we will watch closely in anticipation of what the Bronco will be and when it will show up, you can bet the team at Jeep will also have their collective eyes on this model and work to make sure the Wrangler continues to be one of our favorite off road choices. Nothing is better for us on the automotive market than some great competition between models and now that the Bronco is back, the return to the trails will be more interesting than ever when we want to head out on the trails.

01.25.17 - Ford Bronco

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