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We typically live our lives of civility and in a mundane world where there are some small victories along the way. What car we normally drive when we have a family to look after or when we have a long commute or even a city to drive through isn’t always that exciting. The reality is what we drive normally fits into the realm of practicality for all of us with little thought to how we look or feel inside the vehicle. As long as it gets us from one place to another, we’re typically pretty happy.

A few years ago, Dodge brought us a pair of cars that offer up the serious power and performance we want to enjoy on the road and at the track. These two were the Charger and Challenger that were built with the Hellcat engine under the hood. The Charger had already become one of our favorites for its bold design and SRT power, but the Challenger brought with it a whole new attitude that showed it still had the looks from the muscle car days of old, but a totally modernized platform and more power than you could ever imagine.

The Dodge Challenger Hellcat is a car that has been able to provide 707 horsepower and give us the straight line acceleration to be one of the fastest cars on the market today. This beast quickly became the affordable power machine that you wanted and the calling for it was so high in 2015 that Dodge had to double the production for 2016. Now they are onto something new that will make for an even more impressive image of racing and excitement to take you away from the daily doldrums that you hate when you head out on the road.

Go ahead and reserve your track time for the year because the new Dodge Challenger coming to view at the 2017 New York Auto Show in April is a car you’re going to want to drive. Dodge is bringing back a name that was part of the Challenger lineup of old by creating the new Demon model of the Challenger. SO far we don’t know how much power this car will have, but you can bet the ponies will number more than 707 to give you a leg up on those who have chosen the Hellcat as their power machine.

When it comes to the driving of a car like this, it does one thing extremely well and becomes the car you want to enjoy driving as fast as possible. It’s not practical, it’s not your commuter car, it’s your fun to drive, this is my real personality car that will remind you that you’re alive and full of energy. The new Demon already has some teaser footage, one of which you can see below, giving you the look of how much excitement Dodge plans for this car to have what you expect to enjoy. Check out the video and get ready to be impressed by what you see.

01.25.17 - Dodge Challenger SRT Demon

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