The Lotus Celebration

While we currently don’t have the ability to purchase Lotus models from a local dealership in the US, Lotus is about to celebrate an anniversary that will mark half a century of excellence. The Lotus Elise is one of the most admired and engaging sports cars to ever be built and its built in Hethel, which is where the company has been for the past fifty years. This will be a celebration of this location for and with that will come a special edition of the Lotus Elise. This is a car that has been admired around the world as a sports car that does much more than drive fast and take turns with confidence.

How will Lotus celebrate this occasion? They are offering the new special edition Elise in limited supply. How limited will this model be? You guessed it, only fifty of these cars will be made and they will be sold on a first come, first served basis with no priority ordering allowed. The new Elise will be offered in four colors, classic metallic blue, red, yellow and white to give you a choice of what color you’d prefer to drive and the option of a carbon fiber hardtop panel if you so desire.

This new limited edition Elise is being called the Elise 250 Special Edition and it’s absolutely breathtaking. Lotus has outdone themselves with this car which shows off the curves and lines we’ve come to associate with a Lotus sports car that’s more about the overall driving experience than just pure power. In fact, the engine of this special edition car could be the same size found in many cars on the market as it’s only a 1.8-liter supercharged four-cylinder engine that powers this beautiful new and highly limited sports car.

How is such a small engine going to be adequate for the new Lotus Elise 250 Special Edition? That’s a great question, but since the car will be one of the lightest on the market it won’t take much to get this gorgeous machine going. The overall weight of this new car is only 1,982 pounds which allows it to rocket to sixty mph in only 3.9 seconds, which is seriously fast. This car isn’t all about speed, the perfectly engineered suspension and steering help make this a car that offers the agility you want to have in a sports car in order to truly enjoy a ride in the country or a few laps around the track.

The Lotus Elise has always represented an exciting and civilized form of driving a sports car to be one of the most admired car models on the road. It seems fitting this is the car and build chosen to celebrate the fifty years at Hethel that Lotus is about to enjoy. The goal was to have this be the lightest and fastest car ever produced, which seems to have been easily accomplished in this absolutely gorgeous model of what driving can be for a select few customers.

12.12.16 - Lotus Elise 250 Special Edition

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