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Automakers know what we want our vehicles to look like. A sporty front end that slopes up increase gently to the roof and then rakes back to the rear in a complete arc is about as attractive as you will ever find on any vehicle. In order to offer us the lines and appearance we want something has to be given up. For many of the cars we drive today, that tradeoff comes in the form of rear visibility. Many vehicles have angled rear windows that only allow for a small view out the rear, leaving you virtually blind to what’s behind you.

As you can see in this video from AutoGuide, Cadillac has found a solution to this problem. Now you can drive around and not worry about the need to put the shortest child in the center seat of the backseat or be concerned about the fact that the rear window gives you such a small area of visibility. The new Cadillac Rear Camera Mirror System is available on many Cadillac models to give you a great way to increase your overall visibility out the rear of the car. This increase in visibility makes it possible for you to feel confident in what’s going on behind your car.

This new system uses the backup camera of the Cadillac and projects an image in real time on the rearview mirror. This mirror is still operational as a mirror for those times when you need to use it this way, but your view with the new camera/mirror system is an improvement of 300 percent of an increase to your field of vision. Not only is this a great improvement, but you now don’t have to worry at all about a tall person behind you who sits high in the seat blocking your view as you backup or drive down the highway.

This increase in the visibility of your area of view takes away some of the blind spots you once experienced while driving. With this new crystal clear view of the activity behind your Cadillac model you can see what’s coming up behind and beside you much easier than ever before. Of course you might not want to use the camera at all times, which is something Cadillac thought of when they designed this system for their new models. Not only did they make it possible for you to improve your visibility with this system, they did so with an easy and familiar to use way to turn it on and off.

In order to turn the camera on all you have to do is flip the dimmer lever of the mirror to the on position. This turns the camera on and gives you the feed you want to see which is simply shut off by doing just the opposite. Rather than add one more button to the vehicle or put this system in the infotainment system, Cadillac made this an easy to use system which is familiar to anyone who’s been driving for any number of years.

12.12.16 - Cadillac XT5

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