A Trademark Filing that has Rumors Flying

Honda is the parent company of Acura which makes it the parent company of one of the most famous and advanced supercars on the planet, the NSX. This car is a technological marvel and a car that nearly every driver would love to drive because it has something for everyone. Because of this the expectation is there would be a smaller, less luxury version built at some time to give us a supercar that carries the parent badge of the Honda “H” on the front of the vehicle, but we don’t know that for sure just yet.

Recent news has informed us that Honda has filed for the trademarking of a new name, ZSX. Isn’t that just the perfect name for a new Honda branded supercar? Wouldn’t that be the badge for the car that would share the NSX platform offer a bit more affordability to compete with the Corvette in the US?

While that course does seem logical we need to take a step back and see just what’s going on with this trademark filing before jumping to any conclusions. First of all, this filing was only made in Europe and not the US while all other trademark filings were for both markets. This means we will be left out of the conversation if it really is a new Honda supercar that’s being built. Another factor is the reality that this filing wasn’t just for a new sports car as Honda didn’t limit what this filing was for.

The ZSX badge trademark filing was for automobiles, motorcycles, planes, boats and space vehicles. This alone makes it difficult to determine exactly where the ZSX badge will show up and means we have gotten ahead of ourselves in a way. This new badge could be for a boat engine, for a new space module, for an airplane turbine or even for a new look to the MSX motorcycles that have been extremely popular from Honda.

Logically, it would seem that since the NSX is now on the market and is extremely popular there would be room for another sports car under the Honda badge to attract a different crowd than the NSX. The fact that this filing leaves out the US market is only telling to the fact that Honda may only make the vehicle to meet European regulations to start with and not to the stricter standards of US driving.

In reality, all we know for sure is there’s a new trademark filing by Honda and the hopes are it’s for a new car, but it could be for just about anything that Honda has its influence and production in. Now we get to play another wait and see game with Honda to find out what the new ZSX tag will be for, but there may be more information regarding what Honda’s working on and planning in the upcoming months as we head to the fall lineup of auto shows around the world where many automakers like to showcase their new vehicles and upcoming ideas.

09.27.16 - 2017 Acura NSX

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