The BMW i3 Could Be Your Everyday Car

When you want to be able to be environmentally friendly when you drive and still have the range you need to get where you need to go without worry the BMW i3 could be the right choice for you, although there’s speculation that BMW’s “i” models won’t be around for much longer. This car will come into 2017 with more of what you need to make it more than just a city car, but one that will feel comfortable out on the highway for the drive that’s perfect for you and gives you a way to make a huge difference in the effect you have on the environment.

Not only is the i3 a car that’s powered by electricity, making it a zero emissions car, but it’s made of many natural and sustainable materials which are processed and used in a way that cuts down on waste and offers as little a negative effect on the environment as possible. This gives you a car that will ensure you have the drive you want made in a way that can make you proud to own the car.

For the 2017 model the new i3 will offer a range that’s much better than the previous model. The i3 has been upgraded to use a 94 Ah battery which is able to give you a forty percent farther range than before. This increases the drive on a single charge from 81 miles to a full 114 miles to ensure you can get where you need to go and make it home to plug the car in once again. This batter has a capacity of 33 kWh even though it’s the same dimensions as the previous battery. This is due to a higher energy density, which is an important feature of this small car that’s limited on the space to place more battery in the car.

The beauty of this 114 mile range is the fact that it’s not just under ideal conditions. This is the range you received using a mixture of driving conditions and even when the climate control system is turned on. The downside to this increase in range is the fact this battery takes an hour longer to charge and weighs quite a bit more than the 60 Ah battery. The new battery takes 4.5 hours to charge, but can be charged to 80-percent in 40 minutes using a DC fast charger. The added weight is a full 270 pounds which means the drive to sixty mph takes a full eight seconds.

The 94 Ah battery pack with the range extender hasn’t been tested yet so we don’t know exactly what the full possible range is for this car, but having an i3 that can handle a fifty mile commute each day allows you to enjoy this car even more than before. If the idea of a car with more environmentally friendly materials and a great electric range is your idea of the right car for you the i3 offers you what you want to make your daily drive the perfect ride for you.

09.23.16 - 2017 BMW i3

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