According to Buick its Time to Move on from the Verano

Buick has announced plans to no longer make the Verano after 2017, which means we have only a year left to enjoy this car. As the entry level sedan that is able to offer a great invitation into the Buick lineup for those who want to enjoy the upscale products from Buick at a price point that was easier to enjoy than the competition. Even though this car is the entry level model and one that is being sold as that initial handshake into the lineup this was not the model that sold the most for Buick, which should be a huge surprise.

Actually instead of being a surprise you can see exactly why Buick is deleting the Verano from the lineup. This is due to the fact that Buick has seen a massive growth in the SUV market which shows us the sales of the Encore that was nearly twice the number of Verano models for last year. The Encore came in with a sales number of 61,549 which compared to the Verano that only sold 31,886 models last year. This gives you a really good idea of why Buick is moving in this direction.

This announcement has come to us at the same time we are expecting a brand new SUV from Buick in the form of the Envision which will be the first Buick model that is made in China and brought to the US. This SUV will go on sale this summer and be the midsized SUV offered by Buick to fit just above the Encore to give us a trio of great SUVs to enjoy when we want a great premium SUV to drive. This means we will still have the same number of models from Buick once 2017 comes and goes and the move from a small sedan to a midsized SUV is one you can admire.

Does this mean we won’t see the Verano back on the market at all? No it doesn’t. There is a good chance Buick may turn this entry level sedan into a great hybrid or EV model in the next few years as these cars become more mainstream than what they have been so far. This certainly could be a great plan and as part of GM, Buick could begin to offer us a premium EV or hybrid model that makes for a great car to enjoy and drive.

When the SUV lineup you have makes up as much as seventy percent of the sales in the market it makes sense to rid yourself of at least one sedan from the lineup. This is what Buick expects when the Envision comes to market later this year. With this increase in sales expectation Buick will be able to enjoy a great lineup and continue to offer us the vehicles we want to enjoy on the market. Let’s look forward to the new Envision as we say goodbye to the Verano; at least for now.

07.08.16 - 2016 Buick Verano

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