Which Cars from Europe Were Our Favorites?

When you have a year of record breaking sales it’s easy to find a great deal of positives and I plan to continue to sing the praises of the massive sales numbers from 2015. So far we have seen the first part of this year in a way that is setting the groundwork for another awesome year of sales, but before 2016 gets away from us and 2015 is left in the long past we should take a look at what the most popular European cars sold in the US and what their numbers brought in for us to admire and enjoy.

BMW 5-Series – 44,162 – In the tenth spot the BMW 5 Series sold well as a great midsized luxury sedan that has the right features for us to admire and enjoy. This vehicle was the 104th overall in total sales which is pretty good considering it’s a luxury model.

BMW 4-Series – 46,082 – This may be a surprise that a coupe would be next on the list, but those who were looking for some fun from behind the wheel looked to this two-door beauty for their fun on the road in a practical form. This was the ninth best-selling European car and came in 103rd overall.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class – 49,736 – The E-Class was just ahead of the direct competition from BMW and gave us a great luxury midsized sedan to enjoy the ride in. This car was the eight best-seller from Europe and came in as the 99th overall seller in the US market last year.

Audi Q5 – 52,006 – As we have seen the move toward SUVs and away from sedans this shouldn’t come as a great surprise. Coming in seventh from Europe and 95th overall the Q5 is a great looking and driving luxury SUV that has the features you want and the driving you will enjoy.

BMW X5 – 54,997 – The midsized SUV from BMW is one of the most popular on the market and it comes in as the sixth best-selling European model and the 90th overall. The X5 has found a great place in the market as a luxury model of the SUV more families want to enjoy.

Volkswagen Golf – 65,308 – The numbers for Volkswagen were already heading to record levels before the diesel scandal was unveiled. Because of these sales the Golf sold as the fifth highest from Europe and made its way to be the 73rd overall best seller in the US overall. The Golf continues to be one of our favorites to drive and the Golf R performance model helped spurn the interest in this car.

Volkswagen Passat – 78,207 – As one of the most popular sedans on the market the Passat did extremely well as it came in at the fourth spot from Europe and came in as the 67th best-selling car on the US market last year. The Passat has been one of the favorites in our market for a long time as the sales from last year certainly prove.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class – 86,080 – The entry level sedan from Mercedes-Benz is a great way to get into a luxury model at a low price as proved by these sales figures. The third best seller last year from Europe was also the 63rd best-selling vehicle overall and certainly gave us a vehicle we love to drive and admire.

BMW 3-Series – 94,527 – The most popular BMW of all time comes in as the second most popular car from Europe and as the car more luxury owners wanted to drive than any other. This car has been a stalwart performer for years and came in as the 58th overall most popular new car last year for us to drive and enjoy on any road.

Volkswagen Jetta – 131,109 – As the overall sales leader by far the most popular car from Europe was the Jetta. This comes as no surprise at all for those of us who are familiar with the brand and this number could have been even better if the diesel engine scandal had not taken place. Overall the Jetta was the 36th most sold vehicle in the US last year and is a great driving choice.

07.04.16 - 2015 Volkswagen Jetta

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