A Little Late to the Party, but Still a Welcome Guest

You’ve heard of being fashionably late which typically means a person arrives at a gathering after its already begun. In some cases this can be an hour or more and even though they arrive so late to the event many times they are quickly able to incorporate themselves into the conversations and enjoy the party just as much as anyone else. You know the people who do this at the parties you attend they are wonderful people to hang out with, but sometimes you just wish they had come a bit sooner so you could have had more time with them.

The same may be said of Ford. Recent announcements from Ford leads us to the information that there will eventually be a Ford model that is made to rival the Tesla Model 3 and Chevrolet Bolt. The Model 3 already has order being taken and the Bolt is scheduled to be on the market next year, both of which are expected to offer a minimum 200 mile range from their EV power plants. So far we haven’t seen a prototype, concept or production model from Ford to let us even think there is an EV in the works even though the Ford CEO says they have one in the works.

Actually the new Ford is expected to be more than just an EV model that has to be charged each night, but this car will be offered with a plug-in and traditional hybrid as well. This would be similar to what Hyundai is planning for the Ioniq. Ironically, even though the Ford model won’t be out until later than the Bolt or the Model 3 from Tesla, the Ford model will be called the Model E for which Ford has already applied for a patent.

To consider this name is to need to know about the fact that it was the goal of Tesla to have a Model E. The reason being a but juvenile, but still one that was part of their plan because they wanted the three models to be able to spell out S-E-X. Since Ford swooped in and filed for the patent to this name before Tesla they went with the Model 3 and the 3 in the logo looks a lot like an “E” to be as close as Tesla can come to this naming goal.

The Ford Model E is planned to be built in Mexico and should arrive around 2019, well after the Bolt and certainly after the Model 3 begins deliveries. Ford is hoping the steps taken with the Focus Electric which currently offers 76 miles of electric range and will offers as much as 100 next year will be enough to satisfy us until the Model E does finally arrive. Even though Ford will be late to the party it’s a good bet they will be able to learn from any issues found for the Bolt or Model 3 and apply fixes to ensure our attention is brought to their showroom when its time.

05.13.16 - Ford CEO Mark Fields

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