Why Would You Ever Buy One of Those Cars?

Are we talking about lemons; in a way I guess we are. There are many cars over the years that have developed a reputation for being unreliable and ones that cost us a lot of money to maintain or repair. So why do we bother repairing or maintaining these vehicles? Because we love them, in fact in some cases the maintenance and repairs needed are part of the charm of the vehicles as we know they will leave us stranded in a location we didn’t count on that we can quickly turn into an adventure as we try and get home or just make the most of what this opportunity has offered us.

Alfa Romeo GTV6This is a gorgeous car that has a simple style to show us a car anyone can drive from this name. Overall it appears to be a sensible hatchback car but it has more space inside than most exotic cars which makes it less practical than you might expect. The history of the repairs needed for this car is longer than anyone in their right mind would want to deal with, but it’s still a car we love and one that will give us a great deal of adventure as it tests our patience.

Aston Martin LagondaThe look of this car is not going to excite you at all, in fact you might think of this as the ugliest car to ever wear the Aston Martin name. If you don’t know what it is, this car is one you will ignore, but for those of us who do understand the Lagonda it’s an exciting car to drive and enjoy. The downside isn’t in the looks but in finding a way to service this car or find parts for it.

Citroen SMAt the front this car looks like a normal sports hatchback from the days it was built, but once you get past the doors this car morphs into something else entirely. Overall this is one of the best examples of good speed that is achieved from lightweight build of the time, but these cars were known to break down without any warning. Is this a car you can feel is worth the trouble? It sure is as it will be the bell of the ball at any car show, regardless of the theme; it’s a unique and interesting car for car lovers to admire.

Ferrari 308 GTB/GTSThis is one of the most attractive cars on this list and has a feeling of speed and sport built into one. The great thing about this car is the fact you could actually see yourself owning this car as it’s not one of those exclusive cars that isn’t priced out of your range. Overall this is a fun car to drive and if nothing were to break on it the maintenance cost would be pretty high, but this is a car that also has a history of things breaking on it, making for an increased cost to own, but who cares it’s a Ferrari.

Jaguar XJSWho wouldn’t want to drive this car? This car offers you the long and luxurious hood that leads to the small passenger area and then finishes at the back with a smooth elegance. This is a car that was offered in a drop top model as well to be a car that you would show off as the luxury leader of the day. The challenge here is this car had a tendency to have major electrical problems to make it difficult to live with after you bought it, but it’s a Jag with a V12, yes, we still want this car too.

Lamborghini MiuraThis is a car that has seen some time and has certainly gotten long in the tooth which makes it a difficult car to repair if you run into any issues. Even with that said this is a car that carries in the V12 we love from Lamborghini and is one of the most attractive cars to ever be built. That should be enough for you to want to take a chance on a car that will give you headaches now and then, but will also offer you the feeling of pure joy when it works properly.

Land Rover Range RoverThis is the original Range Rover and it’s one that not only is a classic of a time gone past, but is one that will start many a conversation provided you can bring it to the show for others to admire. Of course your mechanic will probably admire this vehicle even more than anyone at the show as it may be the repairs on this one vehicle that pays for their next exotic vacation, but it’s certainly rare enough and unique enough to be worth the money, time and headaches it can cause.

Lotus ElanAs a small roadster that is also a convertible this is the car that made roasters fun and famous to drive. There isn’t a single thing about the Elan that isn’t fun when it comes to the drive that excites you and lets you feel the road like no other car ever has. Unfortunately you will spend some nights and weekends under the hood of this car to make sure you can drive it when you want, but that’s the tradeoff for such a fantastic vehicle.


Triumph SpitfireAnother roadster that is truly a fun vehicle to drive. Imagine yourself with the top down and the wind blowing through your hair while you laugh at the joy you feel. Now imagine you are under the hood looking for the most recent part that needs to be replaced in a long list of items that has to be repaired on this vehicle. Is this car still worth your trouble for you to own it and enjoy the ride? Absolutely, it’s one of the best cars to come from a name that no longer builds cars, making it an instant classic and collectible car.

05.09.16 - Citroen SM

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