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Currently the only car shoppers who can enjoy an over 200 mile range from a single charge in a vehicle are those who can soon afford to buy the Tesla Model S and in the past the Tesla Roadster. The problem is most of the world is left out of the equation, which would be fine if we were discussing a high performance sports car, but we are not. Instead what need to be considered is finding more cars that can reach the magic mark of 200 miles on a charge so more of us can drive cars that offer little to no emissions. Thankfully there are several on the horizon; here are some of them.

2017 Chevrolet BoltThe Bolt is a hatchback that will offer the 200 mile range and come in at a much more reasonable price that the current offering from Tesla. Chevrolet announced and opening price of $37,500 which after the $7,500 federal tax credit puts this car at the $30,000 price that was promised. Using a 60-kwh battery the Bolt offers a time to sixty mph of only seven seconds and offers room for five to ride inside. This car will be sold in every state, unlike some other models that are limited to specific regions.

2018 Tesla Model 3Although the opening price for the Model 3 at $35,000 is lower than the Bolt this car may miss out on the federal tax credit because of the limit that is placed on how many cars a company can sell and enjoy the credit. This car is a sedan that will be built to look similar to the Model S and offer RWD at this price point with AWD offered on higher trims. This will certainly be the car that is in direct competition with the Bolt once it makes its way to market.

2018 Nissan LeafThe Leaf has grown in range over the time it’s been on the market and the expectation is the 2018 model will be one that offers some serious style and sportiness while bringing in the fourth-generation battery for the car to actually offer the 200 mile range that we want to enjoy. This car has been the most successful EV on the market thus far as it offers the price and features many want to enjoy and now that it will have the range desired this car may continue to be the top selling EV on the market.

2019 Audi Q6 CrossoverBy 2019 (actually the early part of 2018) this crossover SUV will be ready to be a direct competitor of the Tesla Model X. The expected range is 300 miles for this vehicle that will also have a plug-in hybrid version, a fuel cell version and of course the pure EV model to give you the choices you want to enjoy. This SUV will garner attention from a crowd looking for more of the comfort features the Audi vehicles are known for and less of the power and speed that isn’t always desired.

2017 Audi R8 e-tronIf you want an exclusive car that also has an all-electric propulsion system this will be the car for you to choose. This model is expected to offer 456 horsepower, 679 lb.-ft. of torque and have the ability to reach sixty mph in less than 3.9 seconds. The top speed will be limited to 155 mph and the range will be 280 miles with the ability to fully charge in only two hours using a fast charging system. The e-tron is also expected to be part of the self-driving tech test grounds for Audi which means you may be able to enjoy some semi-autonomous driving on this car.

2018 Aston Martin RapidEThis will be the first EV from Aston Martin and is a product of a collaborative effort between LeEco from China and Aston Martin. Expect this car to give you nearly 800 horsepower and a range of 200 miles on a single charge. AWD will be part of the offering and the price will show up anywhere from $200,000 to $250,000. Unfortunately this price will put it out of reach of many mainstream buyers, but this car will truly be a Tesla fighter with its amazing performance features.

2020 Porsche Mission EThis will be another that takes aim at the Tesla Model S and even though it may be later than the rest, Porsche has a history of hitting their mark. This car will give you 600 horsepower and the drive to sixty mph that takes less than 3.5 seconds. In the concept models already shown at some auto shows this car has run the Nurburgring in less than eight minutes, making it one of the most seriously quick cars on the road. The range is expected to come in around 310 miles and the recharge time will only take fifteen minutes to reach eighty percent of a full charge.

As you can see these seven models split the difference between affordability and taking direct aim at what Tesla already offers on the market. There will be more vehicles offered that have either an EV in the lineup or are directly and EV on their own in the near future, which does give us hope that sometime soon EV models will be more mainstream and start to push the gasoline engines aside, especially when the range offered is reaching over 200 miles on a single charge.

04.15.16 - 2018 Aston Martin RapidE

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