Cars, The Beginning of Many Enthusiasts

Did you play with Hot Wheels cars as a kid? I certainly did. I had tracks running through the living room, dining room and often into the kitchen of the family home to the dismay of my Mother. There is no doubt in my mind this is where I first fell in love with cars, especially the glorious sports cars that Hot Wheels put out that gave us a look at what style could be. Some of these 1:64 scale cars had side pipes, massive engines and superchargers popping out of the hood or were based on a character, show or movie that I had enjoyed.

That love and style grew from these small cars to the love of everything with an engine today. I would still love to see a car made that can actually run a full Hot Wheels course and in some ways we have with the stunt cars that have been built, but a production model has yet to make its way to us. As much fun as I think it would be to ride a loop in a car and experience the death defying loops and jumps the reality is I like my safety too and enjoy keeping my feet on the ground.

As a fan of the Hot Wheels vehicles of the 1980s and 1990s it’s exciting to see the company is offering some retro sets for us to admire enjoy and play with once again. These sets will be sold in stores and give us a throwback feeling to some of the basic sets we used to love. This makes for a great item not only for those of us who are car enthusiasts, but also for the collectors out there or even some folks who grew up with Hot Wheels toys that didn’t translate it into car admiration; these sets are great for kids of all ages.

You might expect these re-released sets to sell for a high price, but each one will be sold for under $30 and the cars will have a retail price of $2.19 to give you affordable toys you can share with your kids that you played with as a kid yourself. The four sets that will be offered will be the Retro Hauler, the Dash & Crash track set, the 4-lane Eliminator race track set and the Sto & Go playset.

Whether you have kids or not, these are sets that can be great items for you and your friends to enjoy as you think back to a time when you spent hours trying to figure out how to set up your Hot Wheels track so the car could navigate the entire track without ever stopping. Bring back some of your childhood and buy a set and some cars to have a great time remembering the old days and what a joy it was to play with these cars and see them make it look easy to drive up a wall or through a loop.

04.19.16 - Hot Wheels

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