Generational Change Brings Something New

The Jeep Wrangler is due for a new Generational model for the 2017 model year and we will see what this new version of one of the longest running models on the market will become. The Safari run in Moab that is scheduled for Easter will feature several models that are considered to be concepts which will test their metal against the rugged trails and various obstacles presented. Even though the expectation is the new Wrangler will soldier on as much the same vehicle, there is news that a new vehicle from Jeep will be offered soon and it will be based on the Wrangler.

What we know is Jeep will finally offer us a pickup truck. While there are many pickups on the market already, one that has off roading as its primary purpose will be exciting for those of us who want to enjoy our outdoor experiences and for organizations that handle the care of wilderness areas. This new pickup truck is expected to be based heavily on the current Wrangler, but not the two door version, the four door models. This will make the pickup a crew cab model and will probably look extremely similar to the concept model called the Crew Chief which debuted in Moab over Easter.

The Crew Chief is a pickup that has the four doors Jeep is looking for and it sits up high while riding on massive tires. This pickup offers a five-foot bed, which isn’t bad at all considering the importance there it to keeping the wheelbase as close to the Jeep Wrangler as possible. Even though we may not see the look of the new truck to be as rugged as the Crew Chief, there isn’t much to say it won’t be just as bold or as tough in the trails.

Unfortunately Jeep has already stated the stamped tailgate found on the Crew Chief will not make its way to the production version of the Jeep truck. The explanation is the stamped tailgate has many issues that won’t be ironed out in time for a production run, which means the energy they want to put into this truck will not include correcting the tailgate, but there will be many signature Jeep features to make this a truck the off roading crowd will want to drive and take full advantage of on and off the road.

Will a shorter bed be a problem for this truck? No word is out yet as to what the target audience or the actual size of the bed will be, but it seems with the current crowd of Jeep buyers the need to have a longer bed it not really present. What is needed is a pickup truck that can handle the rigors of the outdoors off the paved roads without flinching. If that means a five-foot bed is the right build, then so be it. As we roll through this year we will gain more information regarding the Jeep pickup truck that will be offered in 2017, look and see how many of the features of this new truck do resemble the Crew Chief concept when it finally arrives.

04.03.16 - 2016 Jeep Wrangler

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