World Tour, Are You Up for It?

If you were to travel around the world and try to see far off lands what mode of transportation would you use? Most of us would want to hop on a plane and fly to a specific destination such as a world tour, but sometimes the journey from one place to another is the fun part of any travels. This is especially the case when you want to see the world and what better way to see the world than to drive. You could visit small towns and villages along the way and find your way to some amazing destinations when driving, which is why road trips are such a popular way to go when heading out to see different things.

As for the vehicle of choice what would you want for your travels? You might think of taking a vehicle that feels comfortable to drive and offers you the ground clearance to enjoy some off road fun. On the other hand it could be a small sports car that you and one companion enjoy driving, knowing you will encounter some great curves and turns along the way. Certainly you wouldn’t think of driving a one hundred year old Ford Model T, that would be crazy right?

This is exactly the car that Dirk and Trudy Regter chose to drive. With no specific destination in mind, only the thought to see the world, this Dutch couple set out in their 1915 Ford Model T to drive it around the world. The idea was to drive as far as they could and then come home for a bit to head out again the next year. Along the way the couple wanted to gain attention and grasp our imagination with this drive to help raise awareness and funds for the SIS Children’s Village International foundation which is a charity that helps orphaned and underprivileged children around the world.

The couple set out in 2012 and has had some amazing adventures so far, visiting Europe, South America, the Middle East, Africa and North America. The Model T has stood up to the test of time extremely well and is actually a great car for this trip. The car is simple enough for Dirk to work on himself while it is also rugged enough to handle rough roads. Keep in mind this car was made when there weren’t any paved roads and the high ride and narrow tires make it a perfect vehicle for uncertain travels where you might find yourself in a place that has no paved paths to drive on.

Unfortunately the couple struck some bad luck in 2015 when the trailer that was carrying the Model T was hit and the car was damaged badly. Thankfully the couple came out of the wreck with only minor injuries, but they have spent the past year gathering funds to get their tour back on the road. They have been working to raise money to help restart their journey and head out for the next leg of the tour. Check out their video of the tours already, hopefully they will be back on the road soon and we can see how this amazing couple finishes their tour around the world.

03.31.16 - Ford Model T


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