Truck, Do We See Another Luxury Brand Trying to Launch a Pickup?

There have been brands in the past that have tried to enter the pickup truck market with little success.  What we need to understand is the fact that many pickups around the world are made by a variety of manufacturers there are plenty of variations of what a pickup should be on the market.  Here in the US we know what a pickup truck should be and what they look like.  These trucks come in a couple different sizes for us to enjoy and for the most part are made by the mainstream names.

Why are there no luxury pickup trucks in the US?  Mostly this is due to the purpose a pickup truck has.  These vehicles are meant to get down and dirty, get the work done and leads the charge when it comes to awesome towing and hauling ability.  The idea of adding luxury features to a vehicle made for work seems ridiculous, but let’s takes a look at the evidence in front of us and sees why a luxury brand might want to get into the pickup truck market and offer us more features from a highly recognized luxury name.

The model to look at for the right example is the GMC Sierra in the Denali trim.  This is a large, tough, rugged and hard-working pickup truck that offers the ability to get the job done for any team.  The Denali trim also offers the opportunity for anyone to have a comfortable and luxurious ride with the supple leather upholstery, quiet cabin, amazing premium sound system and every feature you could want on any vehicle including a full menu of driver information systems and the 4G LTE Wi-Fi Hotspot through the GM OnStar system to allow up to seven devices to be connected.

Because the Denali trim on the Sierra has been so popular, even though it’s a much more expensive option than most others, at least one luxury name is looking to get into the pickup truck game and offer us a new face in the world of trucks.  The name considering this possibility is Lexus.  A Lexus pickup truck really isn’t that far-fetched of an idea considering this is the luxury name from Toyota that already has the Tacoma and Tundra in the lineup which could be built upon to create a luxury model from Lexus.

Lexus already enjoys great success in the large SUV market with the GX and LX but has stated this is the least likely of the vehicles they are considering.  That does not take it off the table completely but it does make it an idea that might not be pursued, even though the platform is already in place.  Considering Mercedes- Benz has already announced they will have a pickup by 2020 Lexus might consider getting ahead of the German brand with their own offering.  Even if Lexus does comes up with a pickup we won’t see the competition in the US with Mercedes- Benz because the German pickup is not planned to be offered in the US at all. 

Whether or not a Lexus pickup truck would do well in the US is yet to be seen, but it certainly would be interesting to see how a truck under this name would do; all we can do is wait and see if Lexus makes this a reality, and if so, the Denali might finally have a direct competitor for the luxury trim.


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