What does 2016 have in Store for Jay Leno’s Garage?

Jay Leno is not only one of the most famous comedians and night time television hosts, but he’s a true car guy.  As a car guy he has a huge collection of classic cars, trucks and motorcycles for us to enjoy.  He has taken to giving us a huge amount of entertainment on his special Jay Leno’s Garage to let us see what different projects and guests he can have on his new show to allow us to see what can actually be done with cars when you apply some imagination to the build of the vehicles.

If you have enjoyed what Jay has done since he turned to the Garage show you certainly can look forward to a new series in the new year.  One of the most impressive builds he has coming up and already being worked on is the 1914 Detroit Electric that needed to be rebuilt.  His team has already redone the wooden frame and bodywork to match up original parts that fit right and now are facing the challenge of adding the new motor and lithium-ion batters from a Nissan Leaf to give the car about ten times the original power and a much better range than before.

Another project that you may see in the upcoming moths is a new build of a 1971 Porsche 911.  This car is one that certainly continues to bring in the build that you would love to see.  Although this car needs to be built from the underside on up, the actual body is basically still in great shape and the paint has already come back strong.  This is a car that can be put back together more easily because of the lack of body rot making this a project that will be able to be redone the right way.

As one of the cars that Jay is most proud of the Cunningham has been reworked from the steering box in order to make it a car that no longer is difficult to drive.  After 100 years of steering the Cunningham has a box that froze up and needed to be completely rebuilt, which was done by the team at McLaren to give this car a new steering system and let it continue to be a part of the collection Jay is proud to show off and enjoy driving.

Another Cunningham is one that is a bit more modern that comes from around sixty years ago.  What makes this a difficult rebuild is the fact the fenders are welded to the frame, but it is on its way to being rebuilt and put together with a HEMI engine that has been reduced in weight.  This car along with several motorcycles and some of the great cars already mentioned are part of the new restorations that will be part of the Jay Leno Garage show over the next several months for us to enjoy and admire the full restoration that Jay takes on with his team.

12.16.16 - Jay Leno's Garage


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