Hybrid Fuel Efficiency for You to Love in 2016

The advancement of hybrid technology allows it to be used for a variety of purposes including creating high powered sports cars, highly efficient electric cars and a blend of the two.  For years the stigma was the hybrid cars would be more efficient in regards to the fuel use but not for performance however the sports car companies were not happy with this and found ways to use hybrid technology for their own agendas; adding instant torque and pushing the limits of the power and speed of a car.  Here are some of the most efficient and interesting hybrid models you will find for 2016.

Porsche PanameraThe Panamera is one that has been lauded as a powerful and agile supercar to be track ready and road capable.  This beauty from one of the most highly regarded names in sports cars is powered by a 3.0-liter supercharged hybrid V6 engine to produce 416 horsepower to rocket this speedster around any track quickly.  This is not a car to challenge on the open roads either as the instant torque will blow you away.

Ford Fusion Energi The Fusion is one of the most popular cars on the road today and for 2016 we will see the Energi show up to give an even greater fuel mileage than the base Fusion model.  As a popular commuter car this version of the Fusion will be powered by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder hybrid engine that produces 188 horsepower, making it much easier to enjoy the ride with fewer stops at the gas station.

Ford C-MAX Energi – The C-Max is lauded for its efficiency and shows up with the same engine as the Fusion but in a small hatchback body that allows the car to enjoy a lighter weight and a full efficiency.  The C-Max Energi will give you 40 city/36 hwy mpg to be a great performer on the road and show off as a fantastic choice for city driving or as a car you want to take out on the highway.

Cadillac ELRThe electric car from Cadillac has been under some scrutiny for its poor sales recently but it has been a top performer when it comes to electric performance and gives you a great ride with plenty of Cadillac style luxury to enjoy.  Powered by a 174 horsepower electric drive motor the ELR is sleek, sophisticated and alluring.  With a drastic price reduction for 2016 this may become a top seller.

Chevrolet VoltThe Volt is the mainstream model for electric power from GM.  This is one of the most affordable, popular and stylish electric or hybrid cars on the market today to give you a car that is amazing with a great range of electric power for you to enjoy.  The Volt is powered by a 149 horsepower Voltec electric drive motor to give you what you want and be the car you enjoy driving.

Mercedes- Benz B-Class As the electric powered model with the German luxury that you want to enjoy you will have the fuel efficiency of 85 city/82 hwy mpge that will be brought to you from the 177 horsepower electric motor.  Built in the hatchback form this car is one that shows you don’t have to steer away from luxury just to enjoy a great hatchback or have a city car that is fun to drive.

Kia Soul EV When you see the Soul riding down the road you expect to see a fun crowd of hipsters that are ready to party. You can join this group and still have a car that is highly efficient, to the tune of 120 city/92 hwy mpge from the 109 horsepower AC electric motor that gives you a fun and stylish car to drive along with the efficiency you want.  Electric drive doesn’t have to be boring as the Soul EV proves.

Smart fortwo electric drive A tiny car with a tiny motor but with huge numbers to give you the driving you want around a city.  If you want a car that will actually fit in ever space in the city this is the one you choose.  This little car has a tiny electric motor which is a 47 horsepower AC model to give you the fuel number of 122 city/93 hwy mpge.  You will turn heads in this car and be able to enjoy getting around easily.

Mitsubishi i-MiEV This is a tiny offering that almost looks like the Smart car that has been extended to have four doors and room for four to sit inside, although comfort may be a bit of an issue.  This little Mitsubishi model allows you to have the mileage of 126 city/99 hwy mpge coming out of the 66 horsepower AC electric motor that gives this little car all the zip you need.

Volkswagen e-GolfWhen you don’t want to substitute style for fuel mileage the choice at the top of the range is this version of the Golf.  This car keeps the hatchback style and athletic stance of the Golf while delivering 126 city/105 hwy mpge from the 115 horsepower electric motor.  This gives you the opportunity to enjoy great style and some added comfort while still experiencing the highest fuel efficiency for the new model year.

2016 light Blue Mitsubishi i-MiEV

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