A Mazda that can take on the Subaru Outback

The Subaru Outback has been alone in a segment for many years as an off road ready wagon that can take on the trails and challenges of the outdoors.  This has been a vehicle that looks like a wagon but performs as an SUV and has been seen on the slopes of ski resorts, out at campsites, trekking across the desert and even playing in the sand at the beach.  With this build you would have thought other automakers would have challenged it long ago, but this shape and capability have been alone thus far.

Mazda brings in a variety of SUVs that ride high and fit the mostly typical form of a crossover SUV.  This includes the CX-3, CX-5 and even the new CX-9.  While these are all attractive SUVs that have the capability we want to enjoy, there is something to be said for a vehicle that rides higher but has a different profile from your typical SUV.  While admiring the Outback Mazda has decided it’s time for this long time outdoor player to finally get a real challenge from the competition and have now created and SUV that just might make that happen.

Mazda has brought its new concept to the auto shows starting in September in the form of the Koeru.  This new SUV is a high riding, wagon-sized SUV that is expected to fill a void in the market that has been part of the market that has been missing competition for a long time.  The Koeru shown at auto shows features the five doors in similar fashion to the Outback and gave us a look at a high riding vehicle that offers lower profile to show off some aerodynamics that might be meant for much more than just heading off road.

You see, Mazda already has three SUVs that can be had with off road capabilities and make their way onto the trails in any area, but what they don’t have is an SUV made for sport.  Although many of us consider and SUV to need the features we want to be versatile and useful, one that is sporty and able to handle not only a snow drift but also make sharp turns and hug the curves when the roads feel right has been missing in the mainstream market thus far.  While challenging the Outback might be a great goal for the Koeru, the one shown at the auto shows actually looks more like a Macan fighter.

Whatever the Koeru ends up being and however it makes its way to being a dynamic ride that has the ability to challenge other vehicles, or if it cuts its own niche in the market you can be this will be an excellent vehicle.  From the brand that made “zoom zoom” possible and gives us a car that is built for fun, now we might get an SUV that is made strictly for fun and makes the drive on any road one that is perfectly balanced and enticing every day.

2016 Dark Red mazda CX-3

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