Mirage, 2017 Will See the Return

The Mitsubishi Mirage has been the tiny hatchback and sedan we have loved to have on the list as one of the most affordable vehicles on the market.  For 2016 the Mirage does a disappearing act and actually makes a real mirage of itself, only to return to its glory for 2017.  Glory might not be the best description of what the Mirage does or has to offer, but this car is a nice little offering that has gained a great deal of excellent upgrades to be a car you will want to buy for your young student as they head off to college.

Just walking up to the new Mirage gives you a look of a vehicle that has a purpose with the newly designed front and rear areas.  There are new headlights, fog lights, a new spoiler and new wheels to make this car stand out and make a statement.  All these improved features make the Mirage one that shows an aggressive stance and forward design to be a car that you will be glad to drive with the youthful exuberance this car allows you to enjoy and feel when you get behind the wheel.

When you head into the driver’s seat you will be greeted with a new steering wheel, upgraded gauges, a new shift panel and improved fabrics.  There is a Rockford Fosgate sound system that pumps out 300 watts through the car and the new infotainment system which has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to keep you connected through your smartphone.  The Mirage offers good seating for four to fit nicely and a hatch area that can fit plenty of great stuff for you to bring your laundry home to be washed by mom or for you to bring that great garage sale find back to your place.

The Mirage is a car that won’t be expected to jump up and take off even though the tiny 1.2-liter three-cylinder engine is rated for 78 horsepower which is a jump of four from the 2015 model.  Even though the power isn’t impressive, the suspension has been improved with new shocks and springs and the brakes have experienced and increase in size and an upgrade in material to give us a car that can perform very well on the road for you.  The Mirage can even give you a little fun from behind the wheel, especially if you find an open road or an empty parking lot.

Even with all these upgrades and changes the price for this car is expected to still be somewhere between $14,000 and $16,000 and it will be one of the first models for the 2017 model year we will see.  The Mirage will be available in the spring of 2016 to be ready for you to purchase and make the perfect gift to give your new graduate as they get ready to head off to the next phase of their lives as college students or new young professionals.  The G4 sedan will arrive about a month later, but isn’t expected to have all the cool upgrades of the hatchback.

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