Growing Up and Showing Up

As we are growing up and start to go through adulthood some events in our lives prompt us to show up in a way that lets others know we have become a huge success.  One such occasion is a high-school reunion, especially at the twenty year mark where we get to see how much everyone changed from the days of being teenagers chasing after dreams together.  When this event comes around in your life one you get to choose how you make your entrance, but remember you only get one chance at making the entrance you want for this event.

  What could be better for a reunion such as this but to drive up in a beautiful new BMW i8?  Not only is this high powered hybrid powertrain that offers you plenty of speed and amazing looks but it’s one of the most lauded cars on the market today.  The i8 starts off your first impression at your reunion with the gullwing doors that lift up and out to make a grand entrance, as if riding up in one the most impressive hybrid vehicles on the market isn’t enough.  There is no way you won’t make a great first impression with this beauty, and many may see you coming since the i8 has distinctive other worldly style and attractive carbon-fiber to be a car that can really show off your success.

The fun of going to your reunion in this kind of car is comes in the showiness of the beauty and since most of us feel like we are from small town Hicksville somewhere in the Midwest or South the car will appear to be out of place and stand out against all others.  Your friends will certainly ask for a ride in your awesome new machine and hitting high speed numbers quickly is what the i8 is all about. 

Of course there are a wide variety of cars that will put up a show for you, but most of your friends probably drive them or did so at one time.  You want to show off and have a unique style that very few have been able to copy which makes this the perfect car for the job you have in mind.  Let the i8 be the car you want it to be, a car that will show your taste, style, personality and lets everyone see that you embrace the bold and the new from a name that has been a leader in the market for a number of years.

We know the 357 horsepower from the i8 and the hybrid engines will put you deep in your seat when you depress the accelerator.  If you are looking for that perfect ride that will show off to your friends, family and reunion classmates just how great your life has been, the i8 is the perfect car for the job.  Stop by your nearby BMW dealer and take one for a spin so you can begin your next great relationship with your car and show up at your reunion in impressive style.

2016 Silver BMW i8

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