Toyota Targeting 2020 as the Year of the Self-Driving Cars

Everyone from Silicon Valley giant Google to most major automakers are racing to get working, safe self-driving cars out to consumers. Toyota is pointing to 2020 as their target date to have cars that can drive themselves on highways.

One difference in their approach is that they’re not using the common terms “self-driving” or “driverless” in their developments, opting to call them “automated driving” vehicles. Their goals are more modest but also more achievable as they’re shooting for highway automation rather than full automation. This will give them an advantage when it comes to achieving a working model in a timely manner.

“We were afraid that by using the term ‘automated driving,’ people would misunderstand that humans are not involved at all,” said engineer Masahiro Iwasaki.

No word yet on which models will be used, but most anticipate that the popular Corolla will be the most logical candidate.

The prototype, called “Highway Teammate,” will educate the population that these aren’t designed to replace drivers but assist them… for now.

Toyota Highway Teammate

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