Road Trip, It’s Time

Cars that are made for the open road make a distinctly American feel to them, even those that are designed and built in Europe.  With two oceans as our shoreline many Americans talk about and take road trips each year in order to go forth and see what this amazing country has to offer.  A car that is made for a road trip has to have some features you want such as being fuel efficient, powerful, fun to drive, and comfortable.  With that in mind I offer you ten cars that you can enjoy on the open road.

Chevrolet Corvette Stingray The Stingray has become well-known as the best model for heading out on the open road or as a daily driver.  Even though it’s not the most fuel-efficient car on the list you can have a great time and turn several heads in this beautiful sports car.

Tesla Model S The Tesla is comfortable and great to drive with a dynamic suspension and powerful engine, but keep in mind this car runs on electricity and even though it gives you a decent amount of range you are only going to get so far each day.

Ford F-150When equipped with the capabilities of the 4×4 America’s top-selling truck can be the best vehicle for a trip that will require fewer roads and allow you to reach more remote locations than you can in a car.  Take it slow and easy and enjoy the view in this beast.

Porsche Cayman S As a great roadster and sporty car the Cayman gives you more room than its 911 cousin to ensure you can have a lot of fun and take what you need for your road trip that will certainly turn some heads in awe with this beauty.

Chrysler 300The 300 is a great car for your family to take a road trip in.  Its large and offers a generous trunk for plenty of storage.  This car is also powerful and nearly luxurious to give you a smooth and enjoyable ride on the open road.

Audi A5In the middle of the lineup and as a car that offers one of the best interiors on the market the A5 is the right choice for driving and taking along a few friends to have a great time on the open road exploring this great land of ours.

Mazda MX-5 MiataWhen you drive this car on your road trip you can enjoy some top down driving and will certainly want to get off the interstate and have some fun whipping this beauty around in the mountain passes or canyon runs that are found in many regions.

Chevrolet SuburbanNeed room for people; check, need room for stuff; check, need to be able to go off road; check.  You want it and the Suburban can deliver it, just remember to bring along plenty of gas money as this big beast is still a gas hog even in the newer models.

Mercedes-Benz GLA Class An excellent luxury choice to drive when you need some extra space from a small SUV but don’t want to give up fuel efficiency is the GLA Class.  This little SUV makes it easy to have a great ride and can handle driving fun as well.

Jaguar F-TypeWhen you want to get the attention of those around you the growling engine of the F-Type does the job as you cross the nation making noise.  This car is a lot of fun to take around curves and turns, making it hard for you to choose when to stop.

These ten are the vehicles designed to give you the best ride on a road trip.  Some are meant to  head off road and find some of the most remote locations on the map, others are built to carry the whole family and still others are great for leaving the interstate behind and finding that road that has been talked about as the most fun to drive.  Whatever your choice is, you can certainly have a great road trip in any one of these amazing vehicles and see what makes this country great.

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