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BMW has always been a car company that offers athletic vehicles for us to admire.  Over the years this company has been well-known for some of the most respected performance vehicles on the road and offers a great deal of fantastic vehicles that have been fun to drive.  Some may say BMW has passed its peak, others may feel that other car companies have finally caught up, but either way the BMW offerings for so many years have been amazing to drive and offered some of the most dynamic performance you could ever ask for.  Here are ten of the best BMW vehicles ever offered.

E26 M1This car was originally created as a collaboration with BMW, which is evident from the wedge shaped design and the angular features.  This vehicle that was designed by Giugiaro was the product of a supercar legend but became simply a BMW vehicle because of the falling out between the two companies.

E24 M6This fastback version of the 6-series that used the M1 engine became a huge hit.  With the power that blew by the competition and the style that only BMW could offer this car was one that certainly offered a massive amount of power, looks and overall performance to be one of the top BMW cars ever to grace the roads.

E28 M5 For those who needed to have four doors in order to enjoy the benefits of  a sedan for their families but still wanted the power and precision the M1 offered, this was the car of choice.  In a typical BMW sedan form the E28 M5 made perfect sense for families to enjoy and brought us a car that was one of the most heavily sought after during its production.

E30 M3This was “The Car”.  The M3 has been the subject of many legends and in this form many thought for years that this was the perfect driving machine and no other car ever could compare to what the E30 M3 had to offer.  This car was the right size to utilize all the BMW features aboard and offer the perfect ride for anyone.

E38 750i This was the large luxury sedan from BMW that offered the comfort you wanted and the feeling of power, especially when you consider the V12 that was under the hood giving this car the power you deserved.  Not exactly the chauffer car that some of the Mercedes-Benz model are now, this beauty did dominate the segment at the time of its production.

E31 850CSiAs another fantastic two door sports coupe this car gave us the next step up from the 6-Series to be a luxury player that was powered by a V12 that was paired with a six-speed manual transmission to produce 375 horsepower.  This made the car one of the best luxury sports cars on the road at the time, which said a lot.

E39 540i Touring As a car that could be had in either the sedan or the wagon form this car was never thought of very much but with the big 4.4-liter V8 under the hood this car certainly gave us a powerful and enjoyable car that was made to be a great car to drive.  You would never guess you would get such a great wagon but this was a car which was perfect to drive.

E36/8 Z3M CoupeWith a very small roadster build this car was one of the predecessors to the current Z3 that we enjoy today.  This powerful little coupe was a car that gave you one of the most enjoyable drives on the road from this sports coupe.  Smooth lines and a long hood gave this car one of the most intriguing looks on the road and showed us what BMW was really capable of.

E52 Z8For the more grown up crowd of boys this car certainly adorned many walls with its amazing roadster good looks and the droptop form that gave this car one of the most attractive builds ever.  If it wasn’t a BMW you might have thought of this as a Ferrari Dino, but it certainly was all BMW giving us a car that played in the high end of the price range.

E39 M5Even though the lower trim levels could easily beat the Mustang GT this car certainly took the lead in any race and held onto in easily.  The 400 horsepower that were packed under the hood made it easy for owners to take on all competition and leave them in the dust.  The M5 was one of the only cars that gave the M3 a run for the most perfect driver’s car.

As you can plainly see, the earlier days of BMW offered us a wide variety of cars that you mostly still recognize in the lineup as cars that were great for driving and dynamic in their performance.  Nothing still takes the spot as the perfect car that the E30 M3 holds, but so many have come much closer than they ever did before.  Not just 10 of the best BMW models ever offered, these vehicles serve as ten of the best reasons why you should buy a pre-owned BMW as well. When you have such a rich history you have to keep getting better and better and BMW certainly does that each year with better offerings for us to fully enjoy.

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