You can See Them on the Horizon

If you look closely you can see the ships and delivery trucks bringing us the new models that are ready for us to be amazed by and purchase as our new vehicles.  What is your choice going to be?  Do you need a great new sedan for the whole family to ride in or are you ready for a sports car that will give you the exciting ride you desire?  Is it time to reach up to the luxury models for your first taste of first-class comfort or do you need to replace your current luxury model that is ready to be traded? Whatever your need is I offer you a continuation of this series to bring you the next ten on the list of cars for 2016.

Nissan AltimaThe upgrades for the Altima are expected to be vast and varied as its time for a new one to give us the great ride that we are used to.  With a reputation for safety the Altima has been one of our favorites for many years giving us the great driving we want with the features we need.  Look to gain a car that offers excellent fuel mileage and adds even more style than before when you choose the Altima as your new vehicle.

Nissan GT-R/GT-R NISMO – The GT-R is one of the best sports cars on the market for a variety of reasons.  One of the most important is this car offers a massive amount of horsepower from a V6 engine.  On the base model that comes in at 545 and on the NISMO you get a full 600 in order to enjoy the drive you want and desire.  Add in the dynamic handling that is part of what makes the GT-R a great car and you can’t go wrong with this beauty.

Nissan LeafThis little electric powered hatchback has become popular as a great car that performs extremely well.  The Leaf gives you a range that makes it easy to enjoy and offers the fun of being a great city car that can take you where you need to go.  At a reasonable price which ranges from $30,000 to $36,000 the Leaf balances style with the performance needed to enjoy the ride and know you made a great driving decision.

Nissan MaximaThe Maxima has been the subject of many conversations over the past few months from the possibility of no making the Maxima anymore to whether or not it is a sport or luxury sedan.  It is in fact an all new sport luxury sedan that is bold in it styling and graceful in performance.  You can’t help but have a great time driving this car with its quick acceleration and fantastic control the Maxima will continue to be one of our favorites as long as Nissan keeps making them.

Nissan SentraThis entry level sedan has undergone a major overhaul.  The car is now in line with the Murano and Maxima with style and even offers a very nice little engine to give you the fuel efficiency you want to enjoy.  Talk of a NISMO version has begun, but certainly won’t be ready for the 2016 model year but the Sentra offered is a great drive at the price you want if you are a young professional or on a very tight budget.

Nissan Versa/Versa Note – This is a tiny car that comes in a sedan or hatchback body type.  There are no changes to the Versa from last year because it was updated just a year ago.  At a base price of $13,000 and a maximum cost of $19,500 there is no way you won’t be able to afford this great little car.  When you need a car for your young student and you want them to be able to enjoy the safety a new car offers choose the Versa or Versa Note to get a great car at a reasonable price.

Porsche 911/Turbo S – When we talk Porsche you know we are going to discuss the performance of this car because Porsche has perfected it over the years.  Whether you choose the base engine with 350 horsepower or move up to the top model at 500 you will get a car that offers the dynamic power and active performance you need to have in order to be a great model.  Adding to the performance is a great deal of aerodynamic elements to make the car perfect for driving.

Porsche Boxster/Spyder – We may see a new Boxster sooner rather than later which means this car has not had a ton of upgrades for this year.  The Boxster is a more affordable sports car than the 911 giving you a decent amount of power and performance from the six-cylinder engine.  The Boxster is a one of the most dynamic drives on the road today, giving you a ride that is extremely enjoyable and offers a great deal of dynamic precision in the control elements.

Porsche Cayman/GT4 – The Cayman coupe is a smaller wheelbase Porsche that is just as sporty as any other and comes in at a price that is similar to the Boxster.  When you don’t want to spend the money for a 911 the Cayman makes a great choice and still gives you the performance you need in a car that has the drive and the fun you desire from behind the wheel.  You don’t have to schedule track time to enjoy this Porsche but it certainly won’t hurt to do so and see what you can do with it.

Porsche Panamera/S E-Hybrid/Turbo S – Did you know there was a four door hatchback made by Porsche?  This is that car and it’s amazing as a car that can really give you a fantastic luxury ride the is how Porsche is working toward being a part of more of the categories of automobiles.  When you have a family and you still want to drive a Porsche, this is the car that will allow you to do that and have a great time from behind the wheel.

2016 Nissan Maxima

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