Lamborghini Urus, Why do We Want It?

As a kid what posters did you have on your wall?  For many males who grew up in the 1980s and 1990s the posters on the wall consisted of whatever swimsuit model was considered the hottest for that year and more than likely a Lamborghini.  Better than just for the bedroom wall Lamborghini models have been thought of as gorgeous, angular and sexy supercars for many generations, giving many of us something we want to aspire to own at some point in our lives.  For those of us who are lucky enough to gain this success, posing with our new supercar to show off a beautiful smile and a car that represents the height of sport for us signifies our arrival and the success we have achieved after years of hard work or a stroke of luck.

So why does Lamborghini think we want a Urus?  The Urus is to be the SUV model from Lamborghini and early reports show this particular SUV to resemble the Macan from Porsche where it is more sport than utility to give us an SUV that is highly capable of going off road if needed, but is more at home on a paved road, carving it up and showing off speed that is just ridiculous.

Adding the Urus to the model lineup that currently has the Huracan and the Aventador which are both angular and super sport cars, Lamborghini expects to double their overall sales taking the company from an annual sales of 2,500 vehicles to nearly 5,000 just by adding the SUV to the lineup.  Of course the sales expectations by Lamborghini certainly does not answer the question of why we want an SUV from this leader in the world of super sports cars, it only speaks to what the company expects and hopes to gain from this offering.

On another note, Lamborghini has actually offered an SUV in the past.  This was the LM002 that was produced from 1986 until 1992 which had enough sales and success to weather the storms in the automotive industry to last a full six model years.  So why now make the choice to bring back an SUV and offer something that will be offered in this lineup as a vehicle built for carrying stuff and people?  The market seems   to call for SUVs more now than ever as there has been an increase in sales in this overall category of 88 percent over the past seral years, which makes it very understandable as to why Lamborghini wants there piece of the pie.

The fact the market has asked for more SUVs over the past several years is probably the best answer to why we want one from Lamborghini.  Even though it is under the umbrella of the Volkswagen Group, Lamborghini sees this as an opportunity to expand its market and build a larger workforce.  Just to build this one SUV they will need a new plant and have to double their workforce in order to get to the numbers they need in order to make this a reality.

The Urus is expected to show up in 2018 for us to enjoy.  The start of the target market will be current Lamborghini owners who have driven SUVs in the past or purchased them as well.  This will also give Lamborghini the platform in order to start showing a hybrid power plant due to the added weight in order to test and show performance and know what the effects of this added weight will be.  This unfortunately means we won’t see the Asterion anytime soon, but with the Urus on its way, there may be more posters on the wall than ever before.

Lamborghini Urus

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