Ford Takes it to the Max

When compared to how long Ford cars have been around, hybrid technology is fairly new.  While Ford has been manufacturing some of its customers favorite models in hybrid versions, no one would could claim that Ford is leading the pack when it comes to hybrid technology.  For most people, hybrid means better gas mileage, but the moniker is not usually associated with a fun, sporty car that will be fun to drive.  Most people worry about pick-up, styling, and truthfully how fast it will go, and are usually easily swayed to the gas vehicle side of the showroom.  However, Ford is making some changes by taking it to the max with their first all-hybrid line.

Called in some areas the Fusion C-Max, this vehicle was first produced in the United States in 2012.  True to Ford’s standards, the C-Max looks like a real car, not a spaceship and not some quirky and uncomfortable looking car.  The C-Max is designed with smooth lines, and no wasted spaced.  There is a purpose for every curve of this vehicle, and it is blessed with a wide stance, often said to increase stability of a vehicle in tricky situations.  Ford has equipped this feisty little hybrid to protect the families inside.

Unlike others in its class, the C-Max is meant to be powerful AND fun.  The C-Max features split hybrid engine design which allows the engine and the battery to work together or to divide and conquer.  While the C-Max isn’t going to win any drag races, at 188hp and a max speed of 85MPH, drivers can laugh their way to the bank as they relish in the knowledge that their vehicle is getting nearly 40 miles to the gallon.  On top of that, the C-Max is made with a brand new gauge system that will allow drivers to calculate when their vehicle is getting the best possible mileage.

For drivers concerned about the tendency for hybrid cars to overheat, Ford has designed a specialized grille to help with that.  The grille is designed with shutters that open and close in coordination with when the engine is in need of cooling.  This allows for the best possible engine temperature at all times, and thus allows for better control of the car’s performance.  The C-Max is also ultra-responsive to the driver, thus maintaining better control of the vehicle in any weather condition.  Should the driver over-correct, the C-Max will do its best to put itself back on the right track.

Available in two different trims and a plug-in model called the C-Max Energi, the C-Max is making every effort to shatter the pre-conceived notions that accompany hybrids.  Each model comes with the new gauge technology, the electric powertrain, and eCVT.  The upgraded models also come with Ford’s infotainment system called SYNC, rated one of the easiest to control by many drivers.  An upgrade to the SEL model or the Energi will provide drivers with rain sensing wipers, heated seats, and back up sensing technology.  While not spring loaded with extra features and gadgets, the base model C-Max is up to snuff when considered against its competition.

As with any Ford vehicle, safety is a major concern, as Ford strives to keep their drivers as safe as possible.  The C-Max is fitted with seven different airbags, including the newer knee airbag that minimizes damage to the driver’s legs in the event of a collision.  The SEL model also features the latest in safety technology from Ford, MyKey, which allows parents of young drivers to set maximum speed settings, control the stereo system and set seat belt warnings while their children are in the car.  Clearly, with the C-Max, Ford has remained just as committed to their drivers as they have in the past.

While a fully hybrid line isn’t exactly in Ford’s wheelhouse, they’ve seemingly outdone themselves with the C-Max.  With safety features, reliability, and durability high on Ford’s standard auto-making must-haves list, this hybrid is certainly being lined up to fill some big shoes and maybe give a threatening glance in the competition’s direction.  Previous productions of hybrids by Ford have been met with rave success, and the 2015 C-Max seems destined to follow in their footsteps.


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