Buick is Doing Things Right

Buick has started to make a huge turn and continues to reap the rewards of that turn.  For many years Buick was billed as a luxury brand that offered features and driving that were enjoyed by older generations but recently they have made several changes to be a modern luxury brand that shows up with sculpted designs and beautifully luxurious interiors along with the power and performance that is desired by drivers of every age.  This change in concept was coupled with having the foresight to see the need and movement of the smaller SUV market which Buick was quick to enter and now enjoys some amazing results because they were smart enough to get in early.

The strength of these crossovers, the Enclave and Encore, showed up big in May which gave them an increase of 23 percent for the Enclave and 21 percent for the Encore.  This has helped Buick enjoy its seventeenth consecutive year over year sales increase which certainly signifies the brand has the right mix going for it.  In fact for this year already, through May, the Encore sales alone have accounted for thirty percent of Buick’s total sales showing the passion buyers have for the SUV market.

The Encore, which is certainly no slouch has just recently finished its debut year and the numbers indicate that over 95 percent of owners of the Encore were satisfied or completely satisfied with their purchase and would recommend the Encore to others who might want to enjoy some great driving in one of the most fun and engaging compact crossover SUVs on the market.  This confidence certainly helps Buick with their continued campaign to appeal to younger drivers and reach a much deeper market saturation than the currently have.

Not only have these two SUVs helped spurn a growth and success at Buick, but they have helped the brand become rated very highly in several automobile magazine publications and respected automotive review companies.  Over 83 percent of the Buick models have received rave reviews to date, which is the most for any brand name.  This really should come as no surprise since the change in styling, additional modern technology including the 4G LTE Wi-Fi hot spot through the available OnStar system and many other great features that make a Buick one of the most luxurious interiors to ride in for the money.

Now we see Buick offering the benefit of a twenty-four hour test drive to let us live with a Buick model for a full day and see how we like it.  This is an extremely innovative move and gives you and other car shopper the chance to see what Buick fits your needs the best and how much you like the model you have chosen.

With increased sales numbers that only seem to be going up at a remarkable rate, fantastic models to choose from and now the fun of a full twenty-four hour test drive that lets you enjoy a vehicle for a full day it appear Buick is not only on the cutting edge but staying well ahead of its competition and finding new and better ways to engage with their customers. Buick is doing things right and it will behoove many others to follow along the same path or get out of the way.

2016 Buick Encore

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