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Kia Sedona Limited

You hear about the most popular choices in cars each and every year but sometimes you go to the dealership and you don’t get the configuration that will offer the most benefit from the car.  Whether it’s because you can only afford the base price model or because you aren’t really sure what the right setup is for each car is certainly a conundrum.  For those of you who are able to purchase whichever model you want of many mainstream vehicles and need to know what the right way to have the car setup here are ten that are leaders in their class which offer the best configurations.

Golf GTI S 4-Door

With this trim level the Golf shows up at a price of $26,205, making it a highly affordable car that is perfect for many to enjoy the benefit of driving a Golf.  This gives us a Golf that offers a reasonable balance between fuel economy and the performance that makes this a great little hot-hatch with plenty of performance in a highly attractive little car.  Even though this is a base model for this particular car, the plaid cloth seats and red paint make for an attractive car that is fun to drive.

Honda CR-V Touring FWD

With this configuration the CR-V shows up at a price of $32,755 with the only real add on is the crossbars for the roof rack.  Otherwise this extremely popular crossover SUV is one of the most engaging driving vehicles on the road today.  This trim offers plenty of on road accessories to make any route fun and enticing while taking family vacations.  With a front-wheel drive system the fuel mileage is better than the AWD models and in the CR-V you aren’t heading on any heavy off road trails in this vehicle anyway.

Chevrolet Colorado Crew Cab, Short Box WT

The choice for this truck might be difficult, but when configured this way with about $6,000 worth of additions is a better choice than the loaded Z71.  The base price for this model is $25,205  but adding the four-wheel drive, automatic locking rear differential, trailering equipment, spray-on bedliner and GearOn cargo tie-downs the truck makes its way to $31,740 but makes for one awesome truck to drive on and off the road.  With these accessories and the crew cab setup, this is a truck that is great for the workforce as well as for the weekend warrior who wants to be able to take the family out camping.

Subaru XV Crosstrek 2.0i Premium

Because Subaru doesn’t have much in the way of standalone options it becomes difficult to add much to this compact crossover.  That’s really not a bad thing though because at the price of $23,145 the XV Crosstrek shows up with a five speed manual transmission that allows the vehicle to be 2.5 seconds faster in the race to sixty mph than the automatic and the SUV benefits from the All-Weather package that offers heated seats at this particular price.

Kia Sedona Limited

Yes, this is the top of the trim levels for the Sedona and yes it is the right choice.  The Sedona is one of the favorite minivans on the market today and offers you and your passengers the closest thing to luxury with the reclining second-row seats, dual panoramic sunroofs and many more features that are built to make the long drives enjoyable.  The only additions that should be selected is the Limited Technology package which adds $2,700 to the price, bringing it to $43,295 by adding radar cruise control and a 360-degree camera system.

Ram 1500 Regular Cab, Long Bed, Tradesman 4×4

As with many trucks, the Ram is highly configurable to the job and this one of the best half-ton pickups on the market.  With that in mind, the Ram starts at a price of $30,130 but adding the V6 EcoDiesel engine with the eight-speed automatic transmission, limited-slip rear differential, skidplates, trailer mirrors an brake control, the Popular Equipment group (which features cloth, carpets and satellite radio), on/off-road tires and a sliding rear window and you now have a work truck at the price of $37,290 which can do just about anything you need done and offers you reasonable fuel mileage from the powerful but efficient engine.

Cadillac Escalade ESV Platinum 4×4

Affordability is out the window as soon as you look at the Escalade  and the ESV Platinum is the top-level which makes one of the best choices on the entire automotive market.  This beauty when adding a just a little, is even better.  This little is the power-retractable side steps, black roof rack rails, a chrome exhaust tip and a retractable cargo shade, you can have one of the most awesome vehicles on the road for a staggering $97,970.

Porsche 911 Carrera GTS

The Porsche 911 has a huge range of prices and choices.  Regardless of the model chosen, there are not stand along features so you have to find the right model for you.  For the most enjoyment in the 911, and staying away from the top level, nearly $200,000 car, the best choice is the Carrera GTS.  This version shows up with a naturally aspirated 430 horsepower engine with a manual transmission and rear-wheel drive.  This gives you a car that can be a lot of fun to drive with a price that comes in at $115,195, which isn’t bad for this awesome of a car.

Ford Fiesta Sedan SE EcoBoost

This is where the budget-conscious of you will want to play and the Fiesta certainly won’t disappoint.  At this base model the power comes from a 1.0-liter turbocharged inline three-cylinder engine that  may seem small, but is really a lot of fun to drive.  This little hatchback comes in at the price of $17,065 and of course you can add features as you see fit, but even at the base model can have some great equipment and a lot of fun on any road, giving you a great car for a tiny price.

Ford Transit Connect Wagon XLT SWB

Whether Ford meant to or not the Transit Connect Wagon is the perfect balance between the Volkswagen Microbus and a hot hatch.  These excellent proportions give us a great short wheelbase van that is great for work or as a daily driver.  With a base price of $24,740, the best choices for adding at bit more to the van include the upgraded engine, the 17-inch wheels, the roof rack with crossbars and the trailer tow package, parking sensors, Aircraft-style overhead storage and the MyFord Touch infotainment system.  With these additions the price comes in at $29,465 for the whole package.

Now that you know what the best ways to set up these ten vehicles can be, which one will you choose to drive?  Maybe you are on the flashy endo of the spectrum and can’t decide between a muscle-bound Escalade or a sporty and quick Porsche 911.  On the other hand, if you are playing at the bottom layer of the price range the Fiesta or Golf might be your vehicle of choice.  Regardless of the choice you might make from this list you can enjoy the most for the money by using these suggested setups for your vehicle of choice.

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