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Volvo Service Advantage

What do you do for service and parts once the manufacturer warranty has expired on your car?  Normally you look for another, less expensive place to take your vehicle to be serviced.  Once out of warranty you don’t want to pay the high prices of dealership servicing which is typically much more than a third party service station.  The downfall for this kind of service is the vehicle may not get the proper care from somewhere else and eventually lead you to needing a new vehicle.  In addition to this, many other service locations only guarantee their work for a short period of time, leaving you out to dry when something goes wrong.

The North American division of Volvo has come up with a solution to this problem.  They have created the Volvo Service Advantage which allows vehicles that are out of warranty to be fully covered for parts and labor if something goes wrong.  This gives you the peace of mind to know your Volvo is taken care of well and the knowledge that you will be covered for any issues.  This service plan actually covers more than just the parts and labor for you.

Should something go awry the agreement covers software upgrades, diagnostics, a loaner vehicle and even a car wash.  With this coverage limited to replacement parts and service it does not include items that can be damaged due to normal wear and tear.  This means if you break your ski rack or the rails on top of the car you are not covered.  When your brake pads wear out, those are also not covered by this plan, however, this is really a significant step forward for Volvo and makes it much more appealing to bring your Volvo into the dealership for service.

Who knows your car better than the people who made them.  The beauty of a dealership service station is they study, learn and work on their brand of automobiles at all times.  This allows them to be the true experts on their own vehicles and know what should be done.  At some service stations when a vehicle comes in they are not familiar with it may take time to diagnose the problem and then at time that diagnosis could be incorrect.  When this happens you could end up with a car that doesn’t run right and is worse off than when you took it in for service.

With this amazing new Volvo Service Advantage you can enjoy the feeling of knowing your vehicle is in the right hands and will be covered going forward.  If the same part breaks again during the time of your ownership it is covered.  This agreement extends to older model Volvos as well to give any Volvo owner an amazing amount of comfort when it comes to driving their car.  As this becomes a positive feature of Volvo cars you can be sure other automaker are checking the numbers and trying to figure out how they can offer this service as well.

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