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2015 Ford Focus Hatchback Manual

No one wants a sluggish car, but for years we have been told quickness comes at a high price.  Why is it so many cars only come with a zero to sixty mph stat if the car is built with high performance parts and an equally high price?  What we simply want in our car is the ability to get out in traffic without needing a mile and a half of acceleration space.

This can be had for a reasonable price as much as for the high prices performance cars have for you and here is a list of the ten quickest cars you can buy for the 2015 model year under $25,000.  This gives you a two-fold advantage, first, the 2015 model year is quickly coming to a close and the 2016s are already starting to show up on Chevrolet and Toyota dealer lots giving you a chance to buy these cars for a great price, and second these are affordable cars which can get you out into traffic quickly and up to speed easily.

Ford Focus Hatchback Manual

The Focus is one of the favorites on any road and comes at a very reasonable price.  When equipped with the EcoBoost 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine this Focus has the ability to reach sixty mph in 7.9 seconds, which might not sound like a speed demon, but it certainly gets the car up to speed in plenty of time to handle entering traffic.  This version of the Focus has a base price of $18,045 making it highly affordable and quick, which equates to a car that is fun to drive as well as one that helps you keep cash in your wallet.

Hyundai Sonata 2.4L Sport Automatic

As a tie for the bottom spot on this list, the Sonata also achieves a 7.9 second time to reach sixty mph.  This is a stylish car with gorgeous angles and lines as well as plenty of great features inside to make it easy for you to choose the Sonata.  With a base price of $24,000 this car makes the list and will certainly give you a drive that is both fun and easy to enjoy as you can make the move into traffic with ease.

Toyota Camry 2.5L

The Camry is certainly expected to be on this as it’s the most popular car on the market and has been for several years.  Even though so many of us love this car, many also love to hate it. In order to try and win over some of the haters Toyota continues to work to build this beauty better each year and the 7.9 second time to sixty mph makes a huge step in the right direction toward this goal of winning us over on a car that costs $23,860.  As the most popular car on the market, winning over the skeptics is not really that hard.

Volkswagen Golf TDI D SG Automatic 5-Door

The Golf is certainly not just an overgrown modern time Rabbit of old; it is in fact a more exciting drive and the true successor to the old Beetle (even though the Beetle was eventually brought back).  This TDI hatchback is quick, exciting to ride in and one of the most fun drives you can have with a 7.8 second time to sixty mph and a base price of only $24,265.  The fun of this car might have been missed had we not experienced the oil crisis, allowing Volkswagen to put a rather nice silver lining on that particular dark cloud.

Honda Fit 1.5L Manual

The small and fun Fit comes out and makes several lists.  One such list is an affordable car for teens and grads to enjoy with its hatchback style and enjoyable personality.  The quickness of this little car makes it a great choice for driving to and from the office as well as it shows the ability to reach sixty mph in only 7.7 seconds.  For 2015 Honda increased the horsepower a bit to 130 and offers the Fit for a price we can all enjoy at $16,470.

Volkswagen Golf 1.8L TSI Automatic 5 Door

The version that does not have the diesel engine is a bit quicker than the diesel offering.  This may be one main reason the Golf is as popular and lauded as one of the leading cars in the hatchback segment.  Bringing in 170 a horsepower 1.8-liter turbocharged inline four-cylinder engine this car makes the run to sixty mph in 7.7 seconds while giving you a base price of only $21,815 to give you one of the most for the least.

Honda CR-V FWD

The most popular SUV on the road today is so for many reasons.  One of which is the alluring style which attracts most buyers, but once inside you can easily see the awesome features aboard and the CR-V.  This SUV can reach sixty mph in only 7.5 seconds and comes in at a base price of $24,325 which gives you a fantastic SUV at an affordable price that is perfect for most growing families.  As crossover SUVs grow in the segment having one that can quickly enter traffic and get up to speed gives us a fun and fantastic SUV to enjoy.

Nissan Juke AWD

All-wheel drive at this price range is not often found, but the Nissan Juke has it and more.  The fun and funky style of the Juke is attractive to a wide audience as is the base price of $22,925.  With a look that can be described as cartoon-like along with being aggressive the Juke is full of great features inside to enjoy, making this a value player in the market for you to take advantage of and enjoy the awesome run to sixty mph in only 6.9 seconds which makes our first vehicle on this list to make the run in less than seven seconds.

Volkswagen Golf TSI 1.8L Manual 5-Door

The Golf continues to dominate this list and why not?  The size of the Golf is perfect for darting in and out of traffic in the city or up on the highway as well as giving you an exceptional amount of power and performance.  Fitted with the manual transmission this version of the Golf will reach sixty mph in only 6.8 seconds; much faster than its brethren, and cost you only $22,115 as the price for this great little hatchback car that keeps showing up on our list.

Hyundai Sonata Eco 1.6L Dual-Clutch Automatic

Made for performance you might think this Sonata has to be out of the price range when the dual clutch seven-speed automatic transmission is aboard.  This type of transmission is usually reserved for the luxury models, but with a 178 horsepower 1.6-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine paired up the drive is awesome in this great car.  The price for this beauty is $24,100 and this version of the Sonata takes the top spot for the 2015 models at 6.7 seconds for the time to reach sixty mph.

Fun doesn’t have to cost a lot of money as long as you are realistic about what can be a fun drive.  Because so much of our driving is on roads and in traffic, the need for super speedster is very small compared to the need for a daily performer that will give great reliability.  These vehicles offer you some of the most for the least when it comes to driving including the ability to enter traffic with confidence on any road or highway.


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