Nissan Says “NISMO Everywhere!”

Juke-R Nismo

Ever since the announcement of the GT-R and its NISMO parts making a super car that can actually take down the Corvette Nissan has been looking to see where else they can do this to their lineup.  The Juke is a target vehicle with the Juke-R Nismo to give the smallish crossover some awesome power and performance that will allow it to show off for an interested audience and be one of the fastest small crossovers on the market.  The Juke makes perfect sense as it actually has a dynamic platform full of the range to be improved that makes it easy for Juke lovers to enjoy this new high performance model.

For those of you who are not familiar with the Nissan Juke, it is the small vehicle that crosses a couple segments for Nissan.  This small vehicle can be classified as a hatchback and brings in similar fun and funky stylings as other boxy, cartoon-like vehicles.  On a more serious note, the Juke is a small crossover SUV that sits low to the ground gives a fun ride on the road and can easily handle some city traffic as it has the stature and footprint to park just about anywhere in the city.

The new Juke-R gains part of its new powertrain from the GT-R.  This is a move that has one message for us which is “Where else can we put this powerful beast to lead the pack on other segments”.  Nissan has been itching for a long time to add this kind of performance to other parts of their lineup and the setup on the Juke-R is to have 545 horsepower and 466 lb.-ft. of torque. When outfitted with the NISMO upgrades the expectation is much closer to 600 horsepower and the ability to reach sixty mph in less than three seconds.

The official debut is set to take place at the 2015 Good wood Festival of Speed and give us a conversation piece that will be on our minds until we actually see the Juke-R NISMO released in production.  The Juke made a great choice to put this much power in as it offers an attractive look and a lightweight build that can effectively handle a great deal of upgrades to bring us the power hungry beast we will get to see at Goodwood later this year.

Where else will the NISMO package show up?  That’s a great question as Nissan looks to figure out what else might be the right fit for so much power.  We might see a NISMO version of the Maxima or Altima along with the possibility of the Pathfinder finding some powerful performance parts.  Wherever Nissan intends to put more NISMO is sure to give us another great vehicle to discuss and showcase plenty of fun and function in a lineup of vehicles that makes for some of the most dynamic drives we have ever seen.  Certainly the NISMO workings are giving exotic car makers fits already, which is putting huge smiles on the faces of the team at Nissan.

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