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2016 S60 Cross Country

When Subaru introduced the Outback to the world it showed what an offroad wagon could look like and the world fell in love with it. Now a new Volvo has followed that same path with a luxury offroad wagon called the S60 Cross Country which will be available for the 2016 model year. This wagon shows off the ability to support those who have an active lifestyle but want to enjoy the superior design, engineering, luxury and safety that Volvo has to offer. This amazing new vehicle is expected to appear in the summer to begin selling for the new model year.

Built to fill a niche in the market that has begged for a luxury crossover sedan that brings a ruggedness to the luxury lineup as well as a high profile to handle off road trails, the S60 Cross Country will show off as a vehicle that does anything an outdoor enthusiast needs.

The S60 Cross Country has been built on the platform of the S60 sedan and offer standard all-wheel-drive along with a suspension that gives it a boost of 2.5-inches in height. Other changes include a restyled grill insert and the lower front fascia offering different styling details than the sedan model. To give the car a chance on the trails, plastic fender spats, side sill treatments and 18 and 19-inch wheels have been chosen to handle some of the tough spots along with reducing the road noise from the larger tires needed for this car.

This new Volvo will be powered by the inline five-cylinder engine from Volvo that makes 250 horsepower and is attached to a six-speed automatic transmission. Other engine choices that will arrive after the launch will include the new family of Drive-E four-cylinder turbo engines that bring in the eight-speed automatic transmission, made to up the luxury ante on this excellent new car.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Volvo if it wasn’t loaded with the latest in safety technology and not only will the S60 Cross Country have what is required for on the road, it will have a full menu of off road features to enjoy as well. The anticipated price of this new luxury off road wagon is expected to be near $40,000 but certainly can be greatly increased from there depending upon the features and equipment added.

The S60 Cross Country will be the first true competitor with the Outback which has been in a class basically by itself for several years. That alone makes for an interesting matchup and I’m sure some time in the near future we will be discussing the two going head to head in an off road competition with each other. Until then, summer is the target time for the release of this intriguing new off road wagon that offer sleek lines and a great stance to show off its sporty shape that will certainly catch the eye of many Volvo enthusiasts as they search for their next favorite car to drive; could it be a new S60 Cross Country, only time and sales results will tell us that story.

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