Lincoln MKX is Exciting and Bold

2016 Lincoln MKX

What has been built by Lincoln on the underpinnings of the Ford Edge and Fusion at the same time? Which SUV offers a 3.7-liter Ti-VCT V6 engine which makes 300 horsepower and 280 lb.-ft. of torque or a new 2.7-liter twin-turbocharged EcoBoost V6 that is ready to give up more than 330 horsepower and 370 lb.-ft. of torque?

If you guessed the new Lincoln MKX, you would be correct. The new MKX offers a great new look and a dynamic new engine. Both engines are attached to a six-speed SelectShift automatic transmission to give the best possible performance from the powertrain. This new Lincoln MKX is expected to lead the global charge for the luxury division of Ford with a highly attractive style, great power and performance that cannot be ignored.

This new MKX offers a focus on personal luxury that introduces features like 22-way power seats with massage function and the new premium Revel sound system as well as four variations on the Black Label trim configurations to make the MKX one of the most configurable SUVs on the road. With these options aboard the MKX can be a variety of things, but boring certainly won’t be one of them as it can be made to reflect your personality on the road.

From the exterior the MXK offers great chiseled look, clean lines, integrated details and design elements that offer a fantastic appearance from every angle. Add the look of the full LED lighting throughout the vehicle and the speed-sensitive adaptive headlights and you see a vehicle that is obviously upgraded from the previous lineup to give you an SUV that is modern, updated and ready to take you into 2016.

Inside you will find a roomy cabin meant for five to enjoy the ride in the MKX. Adding to this space, the cabin offers generous cargo space to make the ride to the campsite or lake comfortable and enjoyable with all the gear you could need. As for luxury features, the MyLincoln Mobile app suite is available and the embedded modem helps you stay connected to your social media and information while giving you a great menu of amazing applications and features to enjoy. The new Revel sound system that is installed can be a 19 speaker/20 channel version or a 13 speaker selection depending on how important your audio experience is to you while riding in the MKX.

As a vehicle that has a goal of reaching a global market, the MKX shows up as a universally attractive SUV that shows off great style and amazing features for you to enjoy and show off to all your friends and neighbors. Lincoln and Ford are hitching their wagons to the MKX to be the midsized SUV that offers them a lead in the marketplace for this generation and beyond. Expect that if the MKX is successful more Lincoln vehicles will show up on the global market as vehicles hinged upon offering an even greater market share to Ford and Lincoln.

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