The RUF CTR3 Evolution Tunes the Porsche Right

RUF CTR3 Evolution Porsche

With success comes the need to copy and try and improve upon a model and one of the world’s most successful sports car names has been Porsche for several generations. With this in mind, the RUF tuner was introduced several years ago in a “Yellowbird” model which appears to be a Porsche 911 with a wider rear stance. This car was able to achieve sixty mph in less than four seconds with power coming for a horizontal six cylinder engine that brought in a massive 469 horsepower. At the time, and even today, these were numbers that were simply staggering to even think about.

Today the RUF CTR3 Evolution is a superbly built super car that still resembles the Porsche styling but has a much more aggressive look overall. Where the Porsche lineup is much more subdued the RUF is aggressive and athletic as well as resembling a car that should be on the racetrack instead of the road. Of course with the autobahn in the region fast cars can be seen all over the road as many automaker use this stretch of road to test their vehicles.

As a car worthy of many posters in teenage boy rooms or on the walls of car enthusiasts everywhere the RUF CTR3 Evolution is gorgeous and obviously built to give the best speed through aerodynamics, airflow, power and a load of awesome features and equipment to take full advantage of and have an exciting drive.

The current RUF CTR3 Evolution model has been in existence since 2007 with only minor changes each time this amazing machine offer an engine worthy of the times with a twin-turbo horizontal six-cylinder engine that offer up to 777 horsepower and 723 lb.-ft. of torque. With all this power aboard the sixty time comes in between 3.0 and 3.2 seconds with a top speed near 236 mph when properly geared, making this one highly impressive sports car. This is all attached to a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission to give the smoothest and most enjoyable shifting available.

Throughout this run of the RUF CTR3 the body and powertrain have continued to improve with some Kevlar-carbon composite body parts to help lighten the load and make this car one that can continue to go faster than most of its competition. The interior continues the luxury and racing look with aluminum pedals and racing bucket leather seats to give the car a super sport feeling.

To make room for the engine and all its necessary equipment the rear of the CTR3 is much wider than the Porsche lineup. This can be the only pitfall as a wider back end can tend to lose control after some hard driving, but this tradeoff if handled properly can be a non-factor when considering the awesome power aboard such a very cool Porsche-inspired machine. For those who are fortunate enough to enjoy driving the RUF CTR3 Evolution offering a ride or two to those who sing the car’s praises would certainly be welcome and appreciated.

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