Lotus Evora, A Look at the New Lotus

2016 Lotus Evora

Unveiled at the Geneva Auto Show, the Lotus Evora for 2015 appears to be a much more driver-friendly car than the previous model. New models and modifications will not have a lot of money spilled into them because Lotus as a company is still deep in red ink from some of their aggressive moves in the 1980s and 1990s. Even with a skimpy budget for changes, the Evora appears to be more fun and friendly than the version of 2014, giving drivers a real chance at being able to enter and exit the car more easily than before.

For whatever reason, the chief complaint about the Lotus Evora was the difficulty entering and exiting the vehicle. Lotus listened and made the sills narrower and lower to make this task much easier than before and not require proven gymnastics skills to enter and exit the car. Other visual improvement include changes to the lights, bumpers and grill along with interior changes to improve the overall ergonomics and infotainment system. These changes will all help the Evora continue to be a great car and keep up with other luxury sports cars on the market that are constantly evolving their technology.

Because the Lotus Evora is marketed as an exotic sports car that costs under $100,000 the claim by Lotus CEO Jean-Marc Gales is that nothing under that price will beat the new Evora. Gales certainly has reason to be confident as the car will be lighter than ever before and offer much more horsepower from the Toyota V6 engine that is inside the engine compartment. By adding a new intercooler for the supercharged S model the car will gain a substantial amount of horsepower and easily be much more powerful than ever before making this the fastest Lotus yet.

With the changes mentioned the new Lotus lineup is expected to include a Cup version that will be available for sale, but the real interesting part is a crossover version. The crossover version of the Evora is expected to offer a raised ground clearance in order to create this crossover version that might be much more comfortable to drive and entice a much larger crowd than ever before. With a crossover possibility, the Evora seems to be a really unique model that will easily help bring Lotus back into the black in regards to profits in the near future.

Lotus has long been lauded for their ride quality and spellbinding handling that no other company has been able to match as of yet. If Lotus were to find its way out of the red it might spark the possibilities of a Lotus SUV or a sedan model that both carried in the same ride quality and handling that has been present on the sports cars for so many years. Only time will tell, but for now the excitement surrounding the 2015 version of the Lotus Evora is infectious and had many at the Geneva Auto Show talking about the awesome new Lotus Evora in town.

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