Nissan Titan A Light Duty Truck Redefined

2016 Nissan Titan

Not much has been new on the Nissan Titan in some time. With the original debuting in 2003 and the second generation running into a hiccup along the way the Titan all but feel off the map of light duty pickups leaving the road to fill up with the offerings from Toyota and the Detroit Big Three to take more of the market than ever before.

With the inclusion of a major deal with Cummings the Titan shows up with a new 5.0-liter V8 turbo diesel engine that seriously packs a punch when it comes to torque. This engine will only be available on the XD version of the Titan for 2016 with a full lineup of new engines available in the coming years. In fact the new engines, both V6 and V8 versions will start to debut as early as the summer, making the fall selling season one that will offer the Titan with a full line of engines that gives this fully redesigned and newly engineered truck a lot of interest and the hopes that it won’t become a boring offering in a few short years.

With the target audience the daily homeowner who doesn’t necessarily needs a truck that can haul a mountain across the range, the Titan will be able to tow up to 12,000 pounds. This makes the Titan no slouch when it comes to hauling gear and is great for heading out to the campground or lake with some fantastic toys pulled behind this enticing truck.

Even though it is all newly designed for 2016 the interior is basically what we have come to expect from trucks with comfort and features that are enjoyable and easy to work with. To carry the load, owners will be able to choose wheels that range is sizes from 17 to 20-inches and four will drive will be available for those who feel the need to take this truck off road to any destination.

Starting out with only a 6.5 foot bed the Titan will eventually have three bed lengths to choose from and a crew cab to give all the same features and offerings other trucks are capable of offering customers. The diesel engine will start out with 310 horsepower and 555 lb.-ft. of torque giving it less than impressive horsepower and better than average torque to be enjoyed from this dynamic Cummings diesel engine.

Rather than having the Titan go the way of the dinosaur, Nissan has resurrected this once highly sought after truck to be once again more than just a little relevant on the truck market. For those who have loved their Titans for a long time and waited for this new model to come out this Titan appears to be one that will outperform many other light duty trucks to give us a new model from Nissan that has a lot to offer. With a Titan that is powered by a Cummings Diesel more truck shoppers will flock to the Nissan dealerships to get behind the wheel of a new Titan.

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