15 Show Stoppers at the Detroit Auto Show

2016 Toyota Tacoma

The Detroit Auto Show is the first big event of 2015 for the automotive industry and offers a massive amount of new and upcoming vehicles for anyone who is intrigued by the new and different offerings from a variety of automakers to look and wonder at what is coming next.

This show gives us a look into what companies are doing to bring us the next great advances to drive on the road or special features that will make this driving experience more enjoyable than ever. Along with these features as expected this is where companies like to make a huge scene and steal the show wherever possible with the hottest new sports cars that are advanced and dynamic.

Although there are a great deal of amazing vehicle to note at the Detroit Auto Show, Forbes has giving us a peak at fifteen they feel are noteworthy and begging the anticipation of their release in the next model year; here are those fifteen:

Audi Q7The midsized SUV from Audi looks much the same on the outside but the inside offers the highest technology available with touchscreen interfaces across the front and two iPad style tablets in the rear.

Acura NSXThe highly anticipated super car that disappeared from production ten years ago offers over 550 horsepower and an amazing performance.

Buick AvenirWith Buick working toward a younger demographic this car is made to take the next big leap by being a four door coupe that is gorgeous and performs at a high level. Not necessarily ready for production, this car gave a glance at what Buick has up its sleeves.

Cadillac CTS-V This car shows off with monstrous power, true Cadillac comfort and a top speed of nearly 200 mph to pamper and excite anyone who choose the CTS-V for their car of choice over other luxury brands.

Chevrolet Bolt EV ConceptA strong presence at the show the Bolt EV is estimated to be able to travel up to 200 miles between charges making this a great commuter car. With an expected price near $30,000 this will be one of the most affordable EV cars on the market.

Chevrolet VoltThe new Volt has been redesigned to offer a sleeker appearance and has lost 243 pounds with a smaller power cell but one that is much more powerful than before giving the new Volt a better range and higher speed between charges.

Ford GTThe new Ford GT shows off with a style and power that made the NSX sit back and stare. This amazing super car shows off with a highly powerful engine and a wide array of surfaces designed to be aerodynamic and produce the downforce need to keep this car from taking flight.

Honda FCV ConceptAs an alternative energy car the FCV will fill up with compressed hydrogen in three minutes and have a range of up to 300 miles. The FCV has a planned launch date of spring of 2016.

Hyundai Santa Cruz Crossover Truck ConceptThis vehicle was a huge surprise at the show and gives thought to the concepts of the El Camino of the past which was basically a car with a truck bed. No vehicle of this type has been seen at US dealerships since 1993, but Hyundai is gauging reaction before committing to producing this interesting vehicle.

Infiniti Q60 ConceptThis amazing coupe is the vehicle that is made to lead the way for Infiniti for the next few years. With a subtle beauty and dynamic concept the Q60 will be what is needed to make the company continue to amaze and delight us.

Lincoln MKX With larger SUVs it seems as though Lincoln was missing the mark, but the MKX is a midsized crossover SUV that allows us to really have an great SUV from Lincoln at the right size for most to fully enjoy.

Local Motors StratiMade from layers of printed carbon-fiber across its body, Local Motors, a startup in Arizona is addressing some of the local needs by offering an all-electric low speed vehicle that can handle roads with speed limits of 45 mph or less to be a great choice for those whose daily or weekly drive doesn’t take them on a highway.

Nissan TitanWith a complete redesign for 2016 this powerful and highly popular truck will give even more of what truck lovers are looking for, power, performance and fuel mileage to continue its goal of taking a larger share of loyal truck buyers.

Toyota TacomaAs a continued leader in the midsized truck segment the Tacoma continues to improve in order to try and stay ahead of the more recent domestic entries into this segment. The Tacoma should have no problem with this in its all new form and improved performance allowing it to continue to lead the segment.

Volkswagen Cross Coupe GTE With a new line of SUVs ready to debut for the next model year the Cross Coupe offers a look into what is expected and makes many of the other automakers nervous about what they are offering. The Volkswagen line of SUVs proves to be a force to be reckoned with in the new model year.

With these fifteen excellent vehicles showcasing at the Detroit Auto Show we have a lot to look forward to in the new 2015 model year as it unfolds. Even though it feels almost as if the 2015 model year just began automaker are gauging the reaction from the masses in order to have time to adjust production where needed. It looks like this group of amazing vehicles won’t need much tweaking although some are simply concept cars that will continue to be improved until the production line is ready for unveiling. Regardless of what your taste or needs are for a great new vehicle, the next model year should have plenty to discuss as each year has had before it.

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