2015 Lamborghini Huracan: A Brand New Model Making a Huge Statement

2015 Lamborghini Huracan third quarter

Many young people grow up dreaming of one day being so successful, or luckily wealthy they are able to afford and drive a Lamborghini. This kind of impression gives credence to the knowledge models from this Italian super car manufacturer are built to amaze, delight and create dreams that many don’t want to wake from. The Huracan is a gorgeous new model from Lamborghini that offers more comfort inside the cabin than the outgoing Gallardo model that it is replacing. This added comfort in the cabin allows this track ready super car to be one that offers some comfort as well as a great deal of performance.

Having to compete with top end rivals in the names of Ferrari and McLaren Lamborghini continues to show off with cars that give anyone exactly what they are looking for in their super car. This awesome car is wedge-shaped and highly capable on the road especially when equipped with all-wheel drive, giving it even better performance than thought possible. As the replacement for the highly popular Gallardo model the Huracan offers a brash and bold style that is similar to the bull it is named after that was full of courage and an attacking spirit.

Driving the Huracan gives any driver exactly what they have dreamed about for many years. With a blindingly fast acceleration and ability to surpass almost every car on the track the Huracan has to have complete control, which it does. This control is gained from the overly-engineered suspension, lightweight but stiff-framed body and a steering system that can almost drive itself. This all together lets anyone riding along know this car is one amazing feat of dynamic Italian engineering. Two driving modes are offered for drivers to get the most of the muscle under the skin. The corsa mode gives an all-out burst of blinding speed that pins the driver to the seat while the strada mode is a bit more civilized and helps gain a bit of fuel efficiency back on the road.

The singular engine found in the Huracan shows up as a 5.2-liter V10 engine that blows the doors off the planet with 602 horsepower and 412 lb.-ft. of torque. When paired with the highly-engineered seven-speed dual-clutch transmission this amazing machine will achieve a fuel mileage of 14 city/20 hwy, but it’s not a car that is bought to be fuel efficient. At peak performance, the Huracan shows off with a top speed of 202 mph and the ability to reach 60 mph from a standstill in just over three seconds. This sounds much more like what makes the Huracan an interesting drive. For those who choose to drive this beast mostly on the street, there is a start/stop system to cut the engine at idle and offer some fuel savings. This Lamborghini also includes all-wheel drive, a must when pushing past 150 in any vehicle.

The Huracan offers two-seater cabin that is truly a work of art and extremely luxurious. Laden with leather and Alcantara while also filled with a full range of control buttons and switches to ensure the driver is able to adjust every aspect of the driving experience to get the most out of their Huracan. Add to all these control features the inclusion of a massive digital display that allows the audio and navigation systems to be able to be controlled and enjoyed. With all the high-end materials and awesome control features the Huracan interior fits right in with what is expected from the high performance equipment underneath and eye catching appeal of the car.

The exterior of the Huracan is built in a wedge-shape to give the car a massive aerodynamic shape and allow the car to be one of the fastest cars on the market. With a ton of angles, all in place to add to the beauty and performance of this awesome vehicle. With a low and wide stance, as expected from this supercar manufacturer the Huracan shows off with a stance that offers the height of speed, performance, acceleration and ability all put together in one amazing driving machine that is so fast it almost should take off and fly.

Almost every feature on the Huracan is built for speed and performance. When the list of standard features includes a V10 engine, carbon-ceramic brakes, 20-inch wheels, LED lighting and a sophisticated aluminum and carbon fiber chassis made to keep the weight low and performance high you can be sure this is one of the most impressive cars on the planet. Adding to this list are a few creature comforts including dual-zone climate control, Bluetooth connectivity, a four-speaker audio system with USB and iPhone inputs and partially power-operated seats. This all adds up to one of the best drives anyone can experience in any part of the world.

The optional features that can be added to the Huracan show up as a list of high end features that includes a transparent bonnet cover over the V10 engine, optional paint colors, a navigation system, a rearview camera, heated seats and a lifting system that raises the front axle to avoid scraping the low front end. All these features come with prices that are consistent with the type of car the Huracan is and will be for any owner of this amazing high end sports super car.

Because there are only a few options available, the pricing structure is fairly simple. The starting price of a Lamborghini Huracan comes in at $242,445. By adding the whole list of options that are available for this amazing car the price can easily reach up to the $300,000 mark. With this pricing the Huracan becomes a car that only a few will be able to ever afford, but one that many will continue to dream of owning and driving. Its cars like this that continue to offer the picture perfect goal of what every successful person wants to drive when they finally make it big; so who is next to fulfil this dream and make it a reality?

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